Mod, Old-School.
(My Old School -- Steely Dan)

I remember the level five fanboy crowd
When you came to our apartment
with breakfast stuff.
Though it was a weekday
the horde was still big and loud:
To see you standing in our window
was not enough.
Well I did some searching on the web
for this false idol of the world's undead
I said, "Oh no!
just me and Junpei won't do!"
Well I did not think the girl
was really you
but now I must (get) to my job
at that high school

Some otaku, coming one at a time,
buy some stuff in Megagamers
and get it signed.
Me and Junpei
managing when they arrive
keeping them from overwhelming
the girl inside.
Well I was working on the 'net upstairs
when she heard about the whole affair
she said: "Whoa, no!
your interference won't do!"
well I did not think the girl
could be so rude
and she refused to be taught mod-
ding in the nude.

Hayasaka heads out to buy her parts
I know that she's headed to
Magical Girl of love
heard that we're an item now,
so you play we are.
I was checking out her purchased parts
when she showed that she was just a tart
She said "Will you
go away if I shag you?"
Well I did not think the girl
could be so cruel.
And I may never teach her how
to mod, old-school.


<em>Note that in the third verse, you really need to emphasize Meimi's name as three syllables: "Me-i-mi-san" Some of you may do this anyway, but I sometimes treat the second syllable as a "grace note", taking away enough emphasis that it almost disappears (Much like "To-ky-o" can become "To-k(y)o"). If you do that, it won't scan at all.</em>

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