Sonoda Masamichi stared straight ahead through the windshield. His unfocused gaze saw nothing as his mind raced. How had his happened? Why was he taking a robot home with him?

It had started when his shift was over, it had been a quiet weekend and he was anxious to get home. Europea had been efficient, astonishingly so in fact. He had offhandedly told her to call his wife and tell her that he'd be home early. Had her make the call just as if she was another low level functionary in his office.

That had been a big mistake. Europea had simply nodded and turned her back to him while she used her onboard system to make the call. Sonoda had known then that he had made a mistake but it was too late to stop it.

When she finished she turned to face him; bouncing on her toes and smiling from ear to ear as she informed him that his wife had invited her to come with him.

Masamichi blinked as the car came to a stop. Europea moved incredibly fast as she exited the vehicle and ran around the car to open the door for him.

<Thank you, Europea. That wasn't really necessary. >

As the walked away for the car she looked over at him and smiled, <It was my pleasure, Inspector. It is important to me that I show you the respect due to one of your position. >

Masamichi grimaced as he recalled the meeting with Ed earlier in the day; not much respect was shown to him then. He glanced at the girl; she could destroy his career if he handled her badly, that much was obvious to him now.

Europea stood one step behind him and one step to his left as he opened the door to his home. Masamichi smiled slightly, she was good! She was keeping an eye out for him, watching his back. He wished that some of the recruits could see her. He shook his head then, he knew he shouldn't think like that but still…

<Meimi, I'm home! >

His wife came out of the kitchen and looked into his eyes, he felt his heart race. No matter what happened it was always the same when he saw her, just like seeing her for the first time. She walked over and kissed him lightly on the lips, <Hi dear. > She looked past him and smiled, <You must be Europea? >

Europea stepped up and bowed deeply at the waist, <Yes, Sonoda-san. > She stood upright and smiled, <I must say that you are even more beautiful than the photo of you that the inspector keeps on his desk. >

Meimi blushed lightly, <How nice of you to says that! Please come in and make yourself comfortable. > Meimi looked her up and down critically. <Are sure that you are a robot, you certainly don't look like nay that I've ever seen. And you say that you can in fact eat as well? >

Masamichi sighed deeply as his wife and the robot girl headed into the kitchen still chatting away. He loosened his tie and kicked off his shoes when he heard a sound coming from the hallway. It was Yuki and she was deathly pale. He walked toward her with concern written on his face, <Are you all right? >

Yuki looked up at him with wide eyes, <Who was that, papa? >

He looked back toward the kitchen, <That is Europea, she is a gynoid, err, robot girl made by Sony. I'm evaluating her for the TPCD. >

Yuki stared hard at him; <She is a..a robot? >

Masamichi looked at her and frowned, <Yes she is, is there something wrong? >

Yuki shook her head, <No, well, it's just that I know a girl like her. She lives with my art teacher. > Suddenly Yuki blushed when she realized what she had just said.

Masamichi looked at her hard, <I believe I know the girl you are speaking of. Say, why don't you go and talk to her? >

Yuki looked at him uncertainly then made her way to the kitchen. He nodded as he watched her go. This was very interesting, he had thought the gynoid was the property of that strange creature, the girl with the frightful yellow eyes and violet hair. Maybe there was a lot more to them than met the eye. It would bear further investigation.

Meimi and Europea both turned to look at Yuki as she came into the kitchen. Meimi smiled, <Europea, this is my daughter Yuki. Yuki, this is Europea. She is working with your father. >

Europea smiled as Yuki stared at her, she just knew that she and Yuki were going to be the best friends ever.

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