Dom glared at Sashi; "You can't leave him here! Haven't you got access to an infirmary or something?"

Sashi stared at Dom, the temptation for force him to comply was great. Almost too great, but it was essential that Dom cooperate on his own. "Yes, we have an infirmary. But there are complications."

Dom suddenly flinched, he could no longer bear to look Sashi in the eye but he was still defiant. "What, did you kidnap him like you did me?"

Sashi ignored the accusation, "No, this is different. He came to us and accepted our offer."

Dom's shoulders slumped in resignation, he knew enough about Sashi and Miho to know that he could never outlast them in an argument. The best he could do was to make his feelings known. He felt some degree of satisfaction that Sashi hadn't pulled one of his tricks. Maybe he was slowly earning their respect after all.

"Okay, he can stay here. Will Miho be coming over to take care of him?"

Sashi grinned, Dom had been hinting that he wanted Miho to stay with him. "I'll speak to her about it. I'm sure that she'll want to keep track of his progress after all. Junpei is her project, just like you."

Dom's head jerked up and he once more stared at Sashi, "Like me?"

Sashi looked at him with a straight face, "Well, he's bigger, more muscular and if Ping is to be believed, much better looking."

Dom stared at the floor, "Where is he now? I'll need to get a cot or something to set up. He's not staying in my room."

Sashi didn't answer but instead walked over to the front door of the apartment and opened it. Junpei stood there leaning on his cane, he was already breaking out in a sweat as his fever rose. As he started to enter he stumbled and slumped forward onto Sashi.

"Give me a hand, Dom!" Dom ran forward and caught Junpei under his left arm; he was able to handle Junpei's weight easily with his newly enhanced strength. Still, he felt dwarfed by the former Ninja.

Sashi looked over at Dom. "Man, it's hitting him even faster than it did in your case. I hope he responds half as well as you did."

As they maneuvered Junpei into the recliner a thought struck Dom and he looked at Sashi in alarm. "Is he going to be, umm, naked?"

Sashi snickered evilly, "You'll have to let Miho decide that, she's going to be the nurse. That is, unless you want to give him his sponge bath."

Junpei groaned and stared at Sashi, "You two do realize that I'm right here, don't you?"

Much to Dom's surprise Sashi blushed and stood up. "My apologies, that was very rude of me."

Junpei struggled to push himself upright and bit his lip in pain. "I perceive that you and Dom are comrades. Otherwise you would not chide each other in this manner. I'll take my part in this banter to mean that you have accepted me as well."

Dom looked at Junpei and grinned, "Are you always like this?"

Junpei shook his head, "No, I am only like this when I have been infected with a strange virus and left in the care of a young woman's jealous boyfriend."

Dom and Sashi looked at each other and began to laugh. After a few moments Junpei joined in but stopped as he was seized with a coughing spasm. Without a word Dom ran to the kitchen to get a glass water.

Sashi crossed his arms and watched Dom carefully hold the glass to the big mans lips. He knew that the two would be like brothers when Junpei's ordeal ended.

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