Europea ate her noodles with gusto. It was the first real food she had ever had and she liked it a lot. She listened casually to the Sonoda's small talk; Yuki was pointedly ignoring her while Yuuji couldn't stop staring. Masamichi looked at her and smiled, <Europea, how do you like solid food? > Much to his surprise she blushed, <I like it very much sir. Thank you for having me. >

Inspector Sonoda looked back at his wife Meimi; she nodded her approval to his attempt at being a good host to the robot girl. Europea watched them with interest then decided to access the TPCD Event Schedule.

She started going through them and had to resist the urge to groan and shake her head. It all seemed so pointless!

The fourth event, scheduled for 12:30 the next morning stopped her in her tracks. She read it twice more and then followed the associated links. Finally she decided she needed advice.

Pings phone rang as she was getting ready to go out. She looked at the number and frowned then jacked it into her earblade. She listened for just a short time then slipped into chat space.

Europea and Ping were the first in, followed by Demi then Rio and finally Ashley. Rio was the first of them to speak.

<What's so important that it requires such an odd meeting? >

Ping looked grim, <Show them, Europea. >

A link opened that allowed them all access to the Even File for TPCD, they all discovered the event at the same time and the room was filled with their babbling protest.

<How could they? >

<It's abomination! >

<Why? >

Ping finally spoke ad restored order, <We all know that these sort of things are planned. The question is why should we let them do this sort of thing? My friend Junko from school narrowly escaped death twice. I say that we must act! >

Rio stared at Ping, <What do you propose? > The others looked at each other uncertainly then back at Rio who continued; < Europea has Special Police Powers now. All she lacks is clearance from Inspector Sonoda. > The girls all turned to face Europea expectantly.

Europea looked at Sonoda unblinkingly for five minutes before he finally noticed, <Err, is there a problem. Europea? >

She shook her head, <Not really, I was just looking at the Event Schedule and wondered if I might start making arrangements now? It's no trouble at all. >

Sonoda blinked; <You're doing that right now? > She smiled and nodded, <Why yes, it's quite simple for me. >

Sonoda raised an eyebrow, <Well, in that case I suppose it will be fine. >

<Then I can act with your authority? >

He smiled broadly, <Of course, you have my full authority! >

Meimi stared at the robot girl during the entire conversation, finally her husband leaned over and whispered, <See, she may look like a girl but she's really just a useful machine. >

Meimi looked into his eyes with great concern, <That's just what she wants you to think. >

The meeting in chat space broke up as soon as Sonoda granted authority to Europea, They all knew what needed to be done.

Ashley blinked as snapped her perspective back to a single plane of existence and looked at Ed. "Lover, are you ready to awaken the sleepers? I've just gotten a new contract for Sony Enforcement. "

Ed shook his head and grinned, "I'm ready when you are. Now tell me about this new contractů"

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