Ashley unplugged the cable leading from her earblade to the control console for the vats. "Okay Ed, they're about ready to come out of their vats." She looked at him with an expression of both excitement and concern. "Turn around so that they won't feel embarrassed, okay. "

Ed grinned as he turned his back to the labs main floor. It struck him as funny that creatures that were as potent as these would be embarrassed to be seen by him. "I don't see what they think they should be so shy about, they're just like you after all so…."

Ashley casually slapped him before he could continue, "Don't be crude, Ed." She turned to him and looked at him intently. "How many cyberzombies are available?"

Ed started, "Cyberzombies? What do you need them for? Those things are terrified of you anyway."

Ashley tipped her head, "I believe they could be useful for us. They're not as capable, never will be. But they are tough."

Ed frowned, "Right now all of them but Largo are out on an interdiction run near Taiwan. He had been out of his vat too long so they left him."

Ashley nodded and grinned, "Largo? Yeah, he'll do. I'll just have to make a few adjustments."

Ed's eyes narrowed, "Adjustments? You're not going to try what I think your going to try are you?"

She shook her head, "Not me, one of the new girls." She reached up and stroked his cheek tenderly with the back of her hand. "We have a few minutes before they get dressed…." She left the question hanging.

Ed looked at her and blinked then nodded, "Yes, if something happens then it might be a while."

He licked his lips as she retrieved the data cord from the pocket of her jacket. "This would be so much nicer if we could be, well, you know." He nodded and smiled, "We can't have everything."

He tipped his head forward so that she could access the ports in the back of his skull. She delicately clipped one end of the cord to her earblade then reached up to embrace him. They both shuddered as the connection was made.

Their minds merged for a brief moment.

They sprang apart in a place with no up or down, they whirled and danced together sharing everything that made them unique. There remained no secrets now. Ed knew all about the Event File, he caught his breath when he saw the things that were coming. It was one thing to be told but quite another to actually know. They merged again and spoofed their way through the defenses of the TPCD computer network using Inspector Sonoda's own codes and left a score of specialized "babies" to help them in the future.

Laughing, they visualized running hand in had through a field of flowers. Suddenly they felt another presence, it had no form, just a shadow in the dream world they had woven for themselves, and then another and finally three were with them.

Ashley stepped back from Ed and broke the link between them. Ed opened his eyes and sighed. They both turned to look at the wide-eyed EDS units staring at them. Ashley looked at them sternly, "I made sure that we wouldn't disturb your privacy and here you came and invaded ours."

The one on the far right stepped forward with downcast eyes, "We're sorry, Ashley. We didn't know."

Ashley nodded, "No harm done."

The girl looked up hopefully, "Will I be able to do that with my, umm, partner?"

Ashley smiled, "I have just the man for you, and you will be able to link with him like that. In fact you're going to have to. I'm going to give you your name right now. Your going to be Cammy."

The three new girls squealed and clapped then the other two girls hugged Cammy. Ed and Ashley looked into each other's eyes and smiled.

This was going to be good.

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