Largo stirred uneasily in his vat, he was being awakened too soon. This had happened before and when it did there were always bad dreams afterwards. Slowly he began to emerge, trying to blink the thick fluid from his eyes.

Cammy watched him on the monitor and giggled, "He's naked!" The other two girls blushed and turned away indignantly. Ed and Ashley stepped up and looked over her shoulder finally Ed spoke. "We'll go fetch him and take him into the gym. You know what to d from there."

Cammy looked at him and nodded, "The others are going to help me, it should reduce the chances of injuring him." Ashley looked at Ed and shook her head, "Well be careful, it's no good if we have to put him back in the vat. No good at all."

Largo followed Ashley cautiously, if Ed weren't there he'd have bolted back to the vat and its promise of safety. The EDS units made him tingle and he couldn't say why. His brow furrowed as he watched Ashley walking in front of him, there was something so familiar about her.

Largo stopped dead in his tracks and froze when he saw the three new girls. He trembled as the one closest to him smiled and slowly walked toward him.

"It's okay, I'm not going to hurt you. "

Largo gritted his teeth; he would not run away! It wasn't just that he knew they could catch him, he knew that he had to face her. He stared into her eyes and almost didn't notice as she lightly touched him behind his left ear.


As the link was made Largo shudder as if in ecstasy, the other two robot girls hurried over to hold him and keep him from falling. Ed and Ashley smiled as Largo's eyes rolled back into his head.

Cammy stepped into a room full of clutter and looked around with distaste. It was no wonder the poor cyberzombies were so confused, technology could keep them alive but when they were reanimated the wreckage that their deaths had wrought in their minds confronted them. All the neural interfaces in the world weren't a cure for that. She put her hands on her hips and took a deep breath, time to get started.

"Largo! Can you hear me?"

She heard scuttling and whispers but no other reply, shrugging she reached into the air and a broom appeared.

She smiled, there was just something comfortable about a broom.

As she began to sweep she heard more whispers and scuttling, the straightening was making Largo nervous.

Ed and Ashley looked at each other with concern as the two robot girls held the violently thrashing Largo.

The clutter quickly dissipated and Cammy could at last see something. A fierce Warrior in chain mail strode toward her brandishing his broadsword. Before he could even speak Cammy smacked him with the broom and he shattered into dust.

"Largo, stop fooling around right now!"

Slowly a redheaded figure approached, he blinked as he drew nearer. It was as if she were some blinding light.


Cammy looked at him and blinked back tears, "No Largo, I'm not Piro."

"Have you seen him? I miss him."

Cammy reached out to him, "I know you do Largo. But if you'll help me and let me help you then we might get to see him."

Largo looked away and spoke softly, "He was my friend."

"I'll be your friend, Largo. That's why I've come here."

Largo looked back and stared at her intently, "You're a girl."

She giggled, "I'm glad you noticed."

Largo smiled crookedly, "I think…that you are good."

Cammy nodded, "Yes, and together we can fight the real evils.

Largo nodded, "As a team."

Ed and Ashley sighed in relief as Largo opened his eyes to look at Cammy, "You didn't tell me your name."

Cammy smile, "I'm Cammy, these two don't have partners yet so they have no names."

Largo nodded as if that made perfectly good sense, he looked around and noticed Ed smiling at him. "Ed! How are you?"

Ed walked up to largo and stared at him, "I've doing a lot better now."

Largo nodded then embraced his old friend, "Me too, Ed. Me too."

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