Yuki smiled as she met Mami and Asako outside NIA. <I hope that I haven't kept you waiting long. >

Her two friends looked at each other uncertainly then back to Yuki, Mami answered, <No, we just got here. > She bit her lip before continuing, <Tell us what about this plan of yours again. We're not sure what it is that we are supposed to be doing. >

Yuki nodded and looked serious, <It's simple, and we will go to that club where Tohya-san works. If that cow Hayasaka and the robot are there then I am going to go to their apartment and talk to Piro-san in private. They are probably forcing him to clean or something while they go out and have fun. > She sighed deeply; <It's just not fair. >

Asako looked at Mami then back at Yuki; <We have been talking, that probably is not a very good idea. You should probably call first. > She looked the ground, <What if he isn't alone? >

Yuki stared at Asako for a moment, <Not alone? What do you mean by that? >

Asako shuffled her feet, <Well, those other two are sharing him. Maybe they, umm, maybe they have friends. Umm. . > Asako began to blush deeply as her voice trailed off.

Mami licked her lips, <What she means is that maybe you should talk to that robot girl. Maybe she would arrange for you to date him. >

Yuki blinked rapidly, <I think that you two... > She stopped and looked around. It hadn't occurred to her to do something like that. Maybe all she had to do was ask. She shook her head, it couldn't be that simple could it? Still, it couldn't hurt to ask.

Finally she looked up at her worried friends and smiled. <You know, you are right. If we see them there then we will talk to them and I'll just ask Ping-san how it is. >

The Sony Enforcement Osprey orbited an area just inside Japanese territorial waters. If the Event Schedule was to be believed then the nameless creature should be appearing soon. Largo manned a door mounted KillTrunk and was linked to Cammy by a thin cable. No word was spoken as Ashley signaled that the creature was beginning its ascent to the surface. Ed looked at his partner and grinned, she grinned back.

It was fifteen more minutes before the bulk of the creature breached the surface. Tentacles writhed and reached toward the aircraft and a great eye full of unnatural intelligence glared up at them. It was confused; such things had never harassed it so far from shore before.

The plasma pulse struck the great beast squarely in its eye and burned through its brain and into the sea beyond. Tentacles writhed and flopped then became still. The Osprey circled until the thing had sunk beneath the waves then it turned back toward Tokyo.

The others might need their fire support before the night was over.

The two EDS units who had no partners yet had chosen to call themselves The Twins until they could correct their situation. Each of them looked hungrily at the young men reveling in the streets of Harajuku and each kept an eye on the other to prevent loss to focus.

Three blocks from the Cave of Evil they finally spotted their quarry. The young man was entirely too calm for someone who was carrying over ten kilos of plastic explosives in backpack.

They neither knew nor did they care what his motives were whether he was in some religious cult or was an assassin for The Machine or even if he was a true terrorist. They were going to stop him cold.

Inside the Cave Ping and Erika joined Miho. No sooner had they taken seats at the bar than Ping looked at her two friend and took a deep breath. <There is something very important that I need to tell you. >

Erika and Miho looked at each other then back at Ping, something in her tone told them that this was very serious.

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