Dom gunned the Sega Black Ops van through the light just as it turned green. Nervously he looked over at Sashi who was nonchalantly looking out the side window.

"Sashi, this is weird. How is it that we're catching all the lights again?"

Sashi looked at Dom and smiled crookedly, "Miho's friend has control of the traffic computer."

Dom stared ahead glumly, "That's what I thought you said." He took a deep breath, "You know she tried to kill me don't you?"

Sashi laughed, "No she didn't, if she had you'd be dead. She did exactly what little sister told her to do." He looked thoughtful, "I suppose turnabout is fair play, now Ping is the one calling the shots."

Dom looked over briefly as they blew through another traffic light. "How's this going to play out? Surely we can't be letting a bunch of robot girls run things now."

Sashi shook his head, "Your thinking is still wrong."

Dom stared ahead; no matter how often Sashi had tried to explain things he just couldn't wrap his mind around what it was that he and Miho wanted. Suddenly he noticed a flash of light on the rooftops ahead. He squinted and could see that it flickering again. Puzzled, he pointed it out to Sashi, "Up ahead, is that a fire? It almost looks like lightning."

Sashi leaned forward to look, his eyes went wide and he reached for his cell phone. "That may be a problem, a big problem."

Dom frowned as Sashi dialed, "What do you think it could be?"

Sashi took a deep breath, "A Magical Girl."

Dom swallowed, he'd heard of them but he had hoped never to see one. Now they were heading right toward one.

Miho smiled as she listened to Sashi, when he was finished she spoke, <Don't worry about a thing big brother. I'll go out and talk to her. >

Sashi grunted, <You'll talk to her? How do you propose to do that? >

Miho giggled, <You'll see. >

As she closed her cell phone Ping looked at her, <Shouldn't you have told him that you already knew that Sonoda-sama was coming to check on her daughter and that Europea is with her? >

Miho smiled broadly, <Now where's the fun in that, Ping-chan? >

Erika hung up her phone and looked at the other two girls, <I'm going to go to the radio station and meet some people. Is there anything else I need to know? >

Ping and Miho looked at each other then Ping spoke, < Sonoda Meimi is on her way here to check on her daughter. >

Erika paled and blinked, <I guess that I need to be going then. >

Miho and Ping watched intently as the crowd parted before the retreating Idol like a school of sardines before a shark. Only when she had left the building did they look at each other and burst out laughing.

Outside the Twins patiently held the wannabe bomber as they watched Yuki and her friends. They debated telling the girl that her mother was coming but decided not to spoil the surprise.

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