A Foreigner's Life -- Reblekid, ft. Madwordsmith

I read the news today, oh boy
About a fanboy riot in the streets
And though the news was rather odd
I couldn't help but laugh
I saw the photographs

They sought a seiyuu in a store
Who didn't notice their destructive ways?
The crowd cosplayed and sang away
They heard her song before
Nobody was really sure why their idol fled away

I played a game today, oh boy
His "sight" was on a girl of many grays
A crowd of people drew away
But i just had to play
Having known her voice
1'd l0v3 t0 l0g j00 1n...

Woke up rolled out of bed
Played some quake across the 'net
Made my way to the sink and ate ramen
I'm broke again, so that was all I ate

Went downstairs to work in the store
Stacking stock and sweeping floor
Chilled in the break room, played a game
It was the same, but I didn't even care

I read the news today, oh boy
Ten thousand posts on forums on the net
And though a lot of them were spam
Mods didn't give a damn
So much about an idol that the servers crashed from being crammed
I'd l0ve t0 l0g j00 0n...

Now here are some words from themadwordsmith:
It should be noted that just about everything up through "ramen" was the Kid's, and I just filled in the rest. I apparently misinterpreted what was meant by "asking for a beta," but I've tried to merge styles as best I can. --Mad Word

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