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Go Away
Sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic

I thought I told you to get far, far away.
But for some unknown reason you have chosen to stay.
I warned you that if you don't leave you're surely gonna pay.
So please leave me alone.

Everyone misunderstands me,
Everyone misunderstands me,
Everyone misunderstands me,
My feelings are my own.

Everything is gonna change if you don't leave right now,
And everyone will hate you from sunup until sundown,
Not understanding how it makes me want to drown.
Not leaving me alone.


Please, I beg of you, leave now and save yourself
Or they'll see you with me and they will treat you like myself,
They'll find you and they'll break you and they'll leave you on the shelf.
The truth cannot be shown.


All my life they mocked me, not caring how I felt.
A year ago they came and they beat me with a belt.
They called themselves my friends, but I knew how they felt.
Don't even call my phone.


You call yourself my friend but you cannot understand
What friendship can mean to those who don't know where they stand.
Something will happen causing your abandonment of me,
Before that happens, go.


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