The crowds on the streets of Harajuku stirred uneasily, like cattle that sensed an impending thunderstorm. Something was coming, something bad. Though on the verge of panic the massed throngs simply milled and carried on their revelry. They had grown too use to catastrophe.

Meimi descended from the rooftops like lightning, the sidewalk cracked and smoked where her foot had struck. Still the crowd did not flee though save for three people they turned away from her. They could not bear to look upon her.

<Mama? >

Meimi turned to face her daughter, Asako and Mami stood behind Yuki hugging each other and weeping in fear. Meimi smiled and as she did her skull seemed to glow through the skin of her face.

It was the visage of death.

<Am I in trouble, mama? >

Meimi picked Yuki up in her arms and whispered into her ear, <No, I was afraid that you might be hurt. >

Yuki returned the hug and, <I could feel you coming, something is happening to me. I'm afraid, mama. >

Europea landed hard beside the two Sonoda women, she looked at the Twins and nodded. All the EDS units eyes and earblade pulsed crimson. The bomber shivered and moaned then lost all control of his bodily functions. He had been prepared to face death but not something like this.

Meimi felt another presence and gently set her trembling daughter down. Miho stood back with her eyes respectfully diverted. As Meimi turned to face her she bowed deeply from the waist. <Hello, Sonoda-sensei. >

Ping looked at Miho curiously; <She is your teacher? >

Miho nodded, <Who else could instruct one such as I? >

Ping nodded and walked over to join the other robot girls. Europea offered her a data cord that she snapped into her earblade.

Meimi smiled at Miho, <Do you know what is happening, child? >

Miho smiled coldly, <I know that you no longer need fear The Machine. > She glanced toward Ping and the others. <The Machine now follows the Code of Love. >

Ed looked nervously out the side window of the Osprey; <Ashley is there a storm coming in? It looks like lightning is striking all over the city. >

Ashley looked at him, her expression was grim, and <You could say that, what you are seeing are Magical Girls coming out to help us. >

Ed's grin was feral, <Magical Girls, huh? How many ? >

Ashley stared straight ahead, <All of them. >

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