Dom and Sashi stood waiting beside the Sega Black Ops van. In the distance they could see flashes like lightening and hear low rumblings that could have been thunder. But there was no storm this night.

"How long do you suppose we'll have to wait, Sashi?"

Sashi shook his head; "Not much longer, even carrying a suspect they'll be moving fast…" He was interrupted by the thunder of the Sony Enforcement Osprey landing. Dom stared into the open door of the aircraft into a grinning, familiar face. With a start he realized that Largo was looking at him over the barrel of a KillTrunk Plasma Cannon. He breathed a sigh of relief as Largo and Cammie dismounted and made their way over to the van.

"Dom, it's been a while now. How have you been?"

Dom stared as he reached out to shake Largo's hand. "Been doing good, Largo." A vague suspicion crossed his mind and he continued, "Gosh, when was the last time?"

A strange expression crossed Largo's face and he stared blankly into the distance, "I guess it hasn't been since E3? I, I can't remember…"

Dom took and deep breath and smiled, "Well, you look good. Sony keeping you busy?"

Largo blinked rapidly and looked back at Dom, "Oh yes." He grinned crookedly, "There's someone I'd like for you to meet, Cammie, this is my old friend Dom. "

Cammie stepped forward and gave Dom a smile that would have looked more in place on a department store mannequin, "Nice to meet you, Dom"

Dom took the proffered hand and shook it; he could feel the awesome power of the EDS as she squeezed just a little harder than necessary. It was like taking hold of a hydraulic press.

As he looked into her cold eyes Dom realized that though Largo might have no memory of what he had done this robot girl knew everything. Smiling, he looked back at Largo, "So, you two are partners?"

Impossibly, Largo seemed to blush even under the dim lighting of the back street. "Umm, yeah. We're partners." Cammie move beside Largo and rested her hand lightly on his shoulder and without a thought he slipped his arm around her slim waist.

Sashi broke in then, "I hate to interrupt this little reunion but we've got work to do." They looked back in the direction of Harajuku and could see Miho and Ping leading the Twins and their prisoner. As they got nearer it was evident that the bomber was no longer conscious.

Sashi went to meet them and looked at the prisoner critically before looking at the Twins, "Did the two of you rough him up? He looks to be nearly dead."

Miho approached and touched Sashi's arm, "Sonoda Yuki, umm, she interviewed him…after she had changed. She is now as her mother."

Sashi's eyes went wide, "Is he dead then? Why would she have done this?"

Miho shook her head slowly; "He stared at her as she changed. He began to scream and she told him to be quiet. That sort of thing is difficult enough without unwanted attention from someone who was willing to kill you only a short time before."

The look of horror continued to grow on Sashi's face, "What of her mother?"

Miho looked him in the eye, "She compelled her to stop, I believe that she fears her child may go Dark."

Dom stood quietly listening when he heard a familiar voice calling.

"Hey Dom!"

Time seemed to slow to a crawl they all turned to look toward the Osprey. Ed's face was a mask of hate as he leveled his shotgun at Dom. Dom flipped his long coat aside and clawed for his pistol. He could see the flash and hear the loud THUMP that the 12 gauge made as it launched its payload toward him. Pain and shock engulfed him and he suddenly felt so very heavy. In the door of the Osprey Ashley grabbed Ed just a fraction of a second too late and snapped the data line into the socket in the base of his skull.

Dom stared into the sky and listened to Ed's distant screams. He could vaguely understand the mutterings of those around him as small, strong hands ministered to him. He smiled when he recognized the term pneumo-thorax. That meant sucking chest wound. He had a sucking chest wound! He wanted to laugh, a sucking chest wound! He just couldn't seem to catch his breath.

Miho stood back amazed as the Twins went to work as quickly and efficiently as any trauma team, She was astonished to see that they both had field surgery kits in their bags. They wore no masks but then they needed none. The one nearest looked up at Miho, "We need to get him off the street quickly, I was wondering, may I be the one that cares for him?"

Miho stared in confusion, "Of course, someone is going to have to look after Junpei as well." The Twins looked at each other and smiled. Miho realized that something had happened just now, something important. But she didn't know what it was.

"What are your names?"

The Twins once more looked at each other then back at Miho; "We are nameless, since we shall be caring for your men we should be honored if you could give us our names."

Miho frowned; this was becoming stranger by the minute. "Jade, and, umm,Whisper."

Jade and Whisper looked at each other and grinned in triumph then continued working on Dom. Ed's screams were slowly fading as Ashley dragged him toward Dom. A thought crossed Miho's mind and anger flared. "Sashi! Why wasn't he wearing armor? He should have had on a vest or something!"

Sashi ignored Miho as he stared at something that Ping was showing him. "Sashi, I'm talking to you!"

Ping turned to face Miho with tears in her eyes, "Don't blame him, it was my fault"

Miho looked at Ping and grimaced, "Don't say that. How could it be your fault?"

Ping held out her hand, "I didn't catch all of them."

Miho just stared at the five badly squashed buckshot that Ping held in the palm of her hand.

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