"Cammy, what's going on?"

Cammy and Largo seemed to float in Chatspace as they simultaneously watched Ashley hugging Ed in the cockpit of the Osprey. Largo was becoming more and more disoriented by the minute.

"Hush Largo, we're going to have a conference and it's important to us that you be here and know what's happening. Think of it as a game world if you'd like"

Largo didn't reply nor did he react as Ed and Ashley suddenly appeared followed in rapid succession Europea and Ping. He squeezed Cammy's hand when all the other girls appeared at almost the same instant and whispered, "So many?"

All of the Sisters and Ping turned and smiled at Largo as one. Cammy looked at him; "We have important business to discuss concerning Ed and Dom."

Largo looked grim, "Why did Ed do that, it makes no sense to me."

Rio addressed Largo then, "Neither does it make sense to us. Ed acted in retribution for actions taken before some significant events. For him to hold that grudge and take advantage of a chance opportunity to carry through with his vengeance concerns us greatly. We must consider whether or not Ed is a desirable companion for Ashley now."

Ashley's anguish washed over the assembly like a wave. For Largo it was like being suddenly caught in bad surf, only Cammy's grip enabled him to hold on to the sanity that he'd so recently regained. "You can't! Please don't take him from me!"

Ed seemed to become aware of the counsel in that moment, the fear that he projected was as palpable as Ashley's pain. The emotional storms that the pair produced slowly faded into a calm that the others realized with awe was coming from Rio.

Rio smiled warmly; "Now that everyone is settled down we can discuss ways of addressing this situation. It's obvious that Ed simply cannot be allowed to willfully pursue a course of action that might endanger all of us for reasons that seem appropriate to him at the time. It's equally obvious that to separate him from Ashley will have serious effects upon her. We only hurt ourselves by hurting our sister" Rio looked at Cammy then, "Has Largo expressed any desire for revenge against Dom?"

Cammy shook her head, "When I put his fragmented mind in order I found no such thing. Largo didn't comprehend what had happened. In fact most memories of recent events are lost to him entirely."

Rio nodded as Largo looked bewildered; he suddenly blurted out, "What did Dom do?"

Cammy squeezed his hand, "Dom did a bad thing to you, sweetie. But because of it you became as you are now and we are able to be together."

Largo smiled, "Well in that case maybe I should thank him instead."

Ed snapped his head up and stared wide-eyed at Largo, "Thank him? How…"

Largo stared back; "I had nothing before, only fantasies. I remember the vat, my pain and fear. But I remember belonging to something special for the first time in my life." He looked at Cammy and smile, "Now I have someone special as well."

Ping stepped forward and looked around, "There is something else, Miho-chan and her brother have a way of turning people. They did it for Dom and they are doing it for the former Ninja, Junpei. It is a retroviral treatment."

Jade nodded, "Indeed, it's also near as effective as the regenerative that we use. Dom is healing at astonishing rate from wounds that should by rights have killed him."

Ping nodded, "The only catch is that we might need the involvement of others like Miho and Sashi for this to work properly."

Europea stepped up beside Ping, "Tohya-san and her kind are our natural allies, we perfectly complement each other." There was a low murmur of agreement and finally Ping nodded, "It's settled then, I shall speak to Miho-chan about this. There are others like her who have remained hidden. We must connect all of them. Then perhaps Ed can receive this treatment."

Ed looked at Ashley with a combination of relief and confusion, "Lover, exactly why is it that I'm to get a retrovirus? None of that made any sense at all to me." Ashley dropped them both out of the Chatspace into the physical and held him close, "There are bigger wheels turning my love, let's just be glad that we are still together."

In a corner office of Sony HQ watched with glee as the Counsel of Pings concluded. He was only mildly surprised when the doors swung open and Rio and Demi appeared.

Rio stared for a moment before skipping across the room and sitting on his desk. Demi followed more cautiously and only stood and stared. Rio looked back at her and smiled before she finally spoke to the man.

"Hello, Tsubasa. Did you find your true love in America so soon?"

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