The room was stark white, so plain it almost seemed like one of Ashley's virtual constructs to Ed. He sat bolt upright in the straight backed chair as he stared at the featureless wall. Feeling Ashley's hands kneading the tight muscles in his shoulders he leaned his head to the right and pressed his cheek to her hand.

"Ashley, where are we?"

Ashley took a deep breath and sighed, "I don't know, the other girls have locked me out of the net. They say it's for our own good. That we'll be together and we'll be okay." She leaned forward and embraced him.

Ed reached up to stroke her hand and winced as the bandage in the crook of his elbow pulled loose, "Why did they have to take so much blood?" he complained.

Ashley kissed his cheek, "I don't know that either." She stood up straight and rested her hands on his shoulders, "Someone's coming."

Ed and Ashley both stared hard as the wall seemed to fold back to reveal a door. Even with their enhanced senses it just seemed to appear from nowhere. They both breathed a sigh of relief when Miho and Sashi entered the room.

Miho smiled brightly to reveal the delicate sharpness of her canines as Sashi set a large briefcase on the floor and began to catalog its contents. "Are you two doing okay? Perhaps you'd like to link together for this. You could give him a great deal of support, Ashley."

Ashley looked uncertainly at Ed and then smiled at Miho, "Umm, that's kind of a private thing that we do…"

The smile disappeared from Miho's face and her eyes narrowed. Sashi looked up and scowled, he stood abruptly and handed his sister a large syringe before speaking. "There's a large psychological element in this process. You two are linked in ways that we don't understand. If Ed goes through this alone then he may fixate on Miho or even me. Is that what you want, Ashley?"

Ashley shook her head violently and quickly ran a data cable from her earblade to the port at the base of Ed's skull. Ed shuddered as the connection was made. Miho and Sashi looked at each other and smiled. Miho walked slowly toward Ed then stood in front of him and waited as Sashi took a position behind Ashley. She reached down and took his wrist in her hand then lay the syringe in his lap. Ed looked up at her in puzzlement as she pulled the bandage from the wound in on his arm.

"You might feel a little stick now…." She lifted the syringe from his lap and pulled the protective cover from the needle with her teeth. Ed could feel Ashley's grip on his shoulders tightening as he looking into Miho's eyes and he gasped as he felt the sting of the needle entering his vein.

Ashley tensed as she watched Miho administering the injection, but not only for the feedback of pain she was getting from Ed. As she felt the serum burning in his veins she could also feel Sashi's hands resting lightly on her hips. She was torn by several impulses, she wanted to hold Ed tight, she wanted to slap Sashi away. And she wanted to analyze the strange chemicals that both Sashi and Miho seemed to be dumping from their bodies into the air.

Miho suddenly stepped forward to straddle Ed and sit on his lap facing him. Her hands reached across his shoulders to rest on Sashi's hands where he held Ashley. Looking up at Ashley she smiled again, "Isn't this cozy? We'll just wait a bit till Ed starts to feel the full effects."

Ashley nodded; she was starting to feel very strange. The serum with the retrovirus was coursing through Ed's veins. He was getting light headed. She could feel Sashi's warm breath on the back of her neck and felt an overwhelming desire to lean back against him. Licking her lips she spoke, "It's pheromones isn't it?"

Sashi leaned forward and whispered into her ear, "Yes, pheromones. Do they effect you?"

Ashley shuddered at the sensation of his lips touching her earblade, "Yes they do, we're emotional dolls and it's one of the things that tell a girl of a mans feelings."

Sashi chuckled, "I think you're a lot more than just a doll with an onboard chemical lab." He delicately licked the side of her neck, "You have the taste of human on your skin."

Ed stiffened as the feedback of Sashi's touch hit him, Miho leaned forward to kiss his throat and she murmured, "You and your girl are going to get the share the most amazing things while you get to know me and my brother…."

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