After some serious contemplation, I have decide to post a few poems I have been working on. Since Christmas is coming up, I thought it would be nice to bestow upon this forum actual poetry. However, I have had my reservations since there are those among you who are not deserving of such a Christmas present. Obviously I have decided to post them regardless of the trolls who stroll across these forums seeking power and ego.

Critiques will be greatly appreciated. My mastery of the English language and its grammatics are not as great as you may assume.

Before I present my poetry, I must pose a warning: Don't join a game you don't want to play.

Merry Christmas. -smile-


Don't look at me with your callous eyes
Everday I have basked in the solace of lies

I resolve myself to a melancholy hollow
Where I dare not lead yet many still follow

I kneel on cold stone sacred and solemn
Mourning not for the fallen

Perhaps I am the fiend to blame
For inserting my yen into this precarious game

And all the tears that I cry
Won't erase the lie

Of my existance in this place
The truth can be hidden but it cannot be erased

Be things as they may
I still can't seem to get away

And the darkness may consume me
But it still will be you who cannot see

Beyond the boundaries of reality
What you perceive can never be

This is how I waste away my days
Entangled and insnared in my mischievous ways

Overseeing the ensuing chaos from above
I am she who is hated and cannot be loved

Why do I heedlessly play this game
Win or lose the result is still the same

Clinging desperately to what is not there
Until I fade away, dissolving into air
The Queen of Spade

Through the masses I did wade;
One approached and he did bade,
"Join me in a charade,"
But I was already involved in a facade
And thus the game could not be played.

I once thought of performing a serenade.
In lieu of wine I'd use lemonade.
However, the wooed would not be swayed
For I am just another undying shade.
For such a crime my life should be paid.

I do not regret the choices I have made.
It's old fashioned to call me an old maid.
I care not of trival things as getting laid
Or the melancholy upon me lade.

I once found myself in a zombie parade
Or perhaps it was a raver raid.
Whatever it was, the permit was okayed.
Soon the nurses arrived to give aid
And into the shadows I did fade.

Often I wonder if this game will become a jade
Like a caged canary resting helplessly upon the hade.

At once a tear flies
Single memories of pain
Let thy world know it
Encircling its true lies
Until one is born again.

*bows quietly out, slowly turning his head backwards

Have a Merry Christmas... Tohya-san.

The King of Sword

In the raves a gath'ring horde,
In their minds their Queen adored,
Slowly growing bored.
The Queen Reversed has underscored
The list of ones that they abhorred.

In the deep she sings a chord,
In the dark the minions roared,
Eager for reward.
And with a wave she points them t'ward
The pristine law and pure fjord.

O'er the lies the King does ford,
O'er the slander he has soared,
Keeping free his ward.
The howling winds no longer stored
Bring logic of their own accord.

Though detached the law's implored,
Though impaled a hit is scored,
Rationale restored.
A mirror makes the Queen deplored
And cruelty her sole award.

The Queen of Loneliness still lord,
But only of deceit ignored.

Merry Christmas, Tohya-san ^_^
Queen of Club

She crooned out a tune from the hub of the club
Some Japanese song that would never be subbed
By a fan with a plan and the lyrics to dub
That song that she sang from the hub of the club

As the disc jockey's vinyl spun slow on its nub
His scratching like that of a dying bear cub
I heard the bass echoes from down in the pub
Like the hoarse voice of my old friend Beelzebub

As I nursed my soda and heard bodies rub
And bounce to the music's irritating thrub
I picked up a fork, and finished my grub
And picked up my crossbow, and entered the club

I walked in to the din and saw the hubbub
Original poetry, not in C-Dub?
And while the forumites announcÚd their "wub"
I stood there and gave the match head a good rub
Everybody needs a merry Christmas. Especially forumites.

The game is on, milady. Your move.
-The Mad Wordsmith
"Did I miss something here?"
I've always wanted to play in one of these threads. If you don't mind? ...Merry Christmas, Tohya-san.

"Patch me up" she says
and grabs the volume knob
"I'm dying yet again
without the bassline's throb
to be my beating heart
to move my rusted bone
and with melody for memories
I'll never be alone"


Above is the verse as originally posted to the forums. There exists a second, extended mix that Garran thought might be too long, but that Damion (that flatterer) thinks is brilliant. It is presented below.

"Patch me up" she says
and grabs the volume knob
"I'm dying yet again
without the bassline's throb
to be my beating heart
to move my rusted bone
and with melody for memories
I'll never be alone"

the answer is, of course
the speakers' steady drone

"Back it off" I say
and fix the mix again
"you know I love you Miho,
but you know you can't depend
on fucking up the volume
to make you any friends
now lemme finish up the set
and then we'll find amends"
In a time of mourning, bring forth the melody
In the time thereafter, come sing for serenity
In a time to perish, the demons lick their whips
In the time distorted, existence falls apart.

For the children smi'ling, bestow upon them toys
For the pure white hearts, may heaven bring them joys
For the cheerful laughter, the air is made more sweet
But for the days approaching, it is by a broken heart.

The sad smiles now appear, siding every street
Not a soul will laugh, all eyes upon their feet
And now as it becomes us, the twilight seems to say
"Now the dark approaches, and none shall have their way"

And so I say...

Never lift your faces, the wind will slap you down.
Never give to hope, for hope can naught but drown.
Never wish to love, for love will shatter and break.
And so it is to darkness, the only which I partake.
Hiding behind a blanket white glade,
A dark goddess rises from her shade,
Her face unseen by many men,
Those who gaze fall again,
For the aura of truth lies in separate hearts,
And even the smallest flower deserves its start.
Those that worship, those that tell,
Fear and Anxiety she must quell,
The darkness left as a flurry of white light,
To last until she whispers good night.

Hey, waidaminnit... "Queen of Spade"? What happened to the other cards in the suit? If there's only one spade in the deck, no-one could draw a spade flush -- now what kinda poker game would that be?!

The Queen of "Spade" after "The Queen of Hearts"

The Queen of "Spade"
Hath been betrayed!
Her minions hath deserted!

The Knave of Hearts
(A loathesome fart
And thoroughly perverted),

Hath quit the Court!
A crown of sorts
From dough he hath invented:

As "King o' Tarts"
He ruleth hearts,
And ruleth well-contented.

(Apologies to Mother Goose)

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