The King of Sword

In the raves a gath'ring horde,
In their minds their Queen adored,
Slowly growing bored.
The Queen Reversed has underscored
The list of ones that they abhorred.

In the deep she sings a chord,
In the dark the minions roared,
Eager for reward.
And with a wave she points them t'ward
The pristine law and pure fjord.

O'er the lies the King does ford,
O'er the slander he has soared,
Keeping free his ward.
The howling winds no longer stored
Bring logic of their own accord.

Though detached the law's implored,
Though impaled a hit is scored,
Rationale restored.
A mirror makes the Queen deplored
And cruelty her sole award.

The Queen of Loneliness still lord,
But only of deceit ignored.

Merry Christmas, Tohya-san ^_^

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