Queen of Club

She crooned out a tune from the hub of the club
Some Japanese song that would never be subbed
By a fan with a plan and the lyrics to dub
That song that she sang from the hub of the club

As the disc jockey's vinyl spun slow on its nub
His scratching like that of a dying bear cub
I heard the bass echoes from down in the pub
Like the hoarse voice of my old friend Beelzebub

As I nursed my soda and heard bodies rub
And bounce to the music's irritating thrub
I picked up a fork, and finished my grub
And picked up my crossbow, and entered the club

I walked in to the din and saw the hubbub
Original poetry, not in C-Dub?
And while the forumites announcÚd their "wub"
I stood there and gave the match head a good rub
Everybody needs a merry Christmas. Especially forumites.

The game is on, milady. Your move.
-The Mad Wordsmith
"Did I miss something here?"

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