In a time of mourning, bring forth the melody
In the time thereafter, come sing for serenity
In a time to perish, the demons lick their whips
In the time distorted, existence falls apart.

For the children smi'ling, bestow upon them toys
For the pure white hearts, may heaven bring them joys
For the cheerful laughter, the air is made more sweet
But for the days approaching, it is by a broken heart.

The sad smiles now appear, siding every street
Not a soul will laugh, all eyes upon their feet
And now as it becomes us, the twilight seems to say
"Now the dark approaches, and none shall have their way"

And so I say...

Never lift your faces, the wind will slap you down.
Never give to hope, for hope can naught but drown.
Never wish to love, for love will shatter and break.
And so it is to darkness, the only which I partake.

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