The Queen of Spade

Through the masses I did wade;
One approached and he did bade,
"Join me in a charade,"
But I was already involved in a facade
And thus the game could not be played.

I once thought of performing a serenade.
In lieu of wine I'd use lemonade.
However, the wooed would not be swayed
For I am just another undying shade.
For such a crime my life should be paid.

I do not regret the choices I have made.
It's old fashioned to call me an old maid.
I care not of trival things as getting laid
Or the melancholy upon me lade.

I once found myself in a zombie parade
Or perhaps it was a raver raid.
Whatever it was, the permit was okayed.
Soon the nurses arrived to give aid
And into the shadows I did fade.

Often I wonder if this game will become a jade
Like a caged canary resting helplessly upon the hade.

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