Largo ducked behind the low wall to reload as Cammy watched the apartment building.


Largo slapped the bolt of his rifle forward and scooted around beside Cammy.

"How many left do you think?"

Cammy shook her head; the courtyard in front of the building was littered with the bodies of the doomsday cultist. "We've put down eleven so far, there are fifteen of them registered as living in these apartments. Counting the one in custody we have three unaccounted for. What we don't know is if any of their friends are over here or if the other three are elsewhere."

Largo shrugged, "I say we just charged the place. I can always heal in the vat."

Cammy looked at Largo and frowned then jabbed her finger into the bullet hole in his left shoulder.

Largo jerked back violently and shouted "Ouch! Stop that!"

Cammy pulled her bloody finger out and grinned, "If you don't like me poking into the wounds you already have then why do you want to risk getting more?"

Largo scowled briefly before his face split into a wide grin, "You're all right, you know that?"

Cammy grinned back, "Thanks, now let's work our way back to the other end of this wall and see if we can't getů"

Cammy was violently interrupted as Largo threw himself into her. They slid across in front of the gateway of the courtyard just as flames lapped over their former position.

"It's a 'zilla! They've got a 'zilla!" Largo's voice was shrill with terror as he urged Cammy to move into the courtyard. Bullets ricocheted around them and they rapidly picked off the remaining cultist as they huddled against the wall.

Cammy reached over to touch Largo on the shoulder, "Are you all right? Have you been hit?"

Largo nodded, "Hit twice in the leg and hip. How about you?"

Cammy held her hand up to Largo and opened it to reveal the 9-millimeter slug, "Largo looked at her and made a face. "You've got to teach me how to do that."

The conversation was cut short as another blast of fire from the 'zilla washed across the wall. Largo's hair began to smolder and he began beating at it with a curse. He grimaced at Cammy, "I don't suppose you have any neat tricks for dealing with that thing, do you?"

Cammy pulled Largo flat on his back and pointed skyward. Largo watched uncomprehending as a small light grew brighter and closer. He shook his head, surely not.

There was another blast of 'zilla breath, this one aimed at the rapidly approaching light. Largo gaped as the flame played around what was now clearly a slender young girl. Unthinking, he stood to stare at the strange drama unfolding before him. He could see the girl clearly now as she seemed to fall toward him, she opened her mouth and screamed and when she did he saw the 'zilla stumble back away from her. She reached toward the giant lizard then and Largo briefly saw its skeleton glowing under its skin before he was knocked flat by the explosion that followed.

Cammy leaned over him with a look of concern on her face, "Are you alright? You shouldn't have stood up like that."

Largo sat up slowly and rubbed his head, just past Cammy he saw the young girl looking at him with a bemused expression on her face. "Hello Largo-san, you probably won't remember me. My name is Sonoda Yuki and I am an art student of your good friend Piro-sensei."

Largo blinked rapidly, "Art student?"

Yuki smiled, "Yes, he is teaching me to draw."

Largo shook his head, "Exactly what did you do to that 'zilla?"

Yuki looked down sadly, "I ignited his bones, when his flesh boiled he exploded."

Largo looked into Yuki's dark eyes, they seemed like empty pits. He shuddered and looked at Cammy, "Let's get back to the lab. I need a long soak in my vat."

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