Yuki walked in silence beside Largo and Cammy.


She gave the couple a sidelong glance; they seemed strange to her. Strange because they looked like they were suppose to.


All around Yuki the life of the city ebbed and flowed. It seemed murky to her but it in no way slowed her down. She could pull it to her, feel it, control it.


She stopped and stared at Cammy and Largo now. They were looking at her, she realized that they were talking to her.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't paying attention."

Cammy and Largo looked at each other then back at Yuki. Largo licked his lips nervously and spoke, "Your parents are hunting you."

Yuki looked at him sadly and sighed, "I'm going to be in big trouble."

Cammy spoke then, "I don't think you understand, they are HUNTING you. They think that you have gone Dark. They're afraid of what you might do."

Yuki stared at them coldly; she felt the rage and madness building again. "Maybe they're right." She turned to walk away.

"Sonoda-san, wait!" Yuki turned and glared at Cammy as she hurried after her. "You can't help me, no one can help me. All I wanted was to be with him. How can he love someone like me?"

Cammy stopped and stared, Yuki waited for her to speak but she stood stock-still. Minutes passed and Yuki began to grow nervous as she realized that both Cammy and Largo both seemed to have stopped breathing. Energy flowed and pooled around the couple as they stood like statues on the bottom of a lake. Finally they both blinked and smiled. "Your brother is coming!"

Yuki's mouth opened but no sound came out, she turned away from them as she felt hot tears streaming down her face. "Y.. you called him? I can't let him see me like this…"

Cammy approached her cautiously and tentatively touched her shoulder; Yuki tensed for a moment then relaxed. "He has been looking for you on his own all this time. Europea found him and they are coming here. Don't worry, he'll get you home and you'll be okay."

As Yuki turned to look at Cammy she noticed Largo staring intently toward her right. Then she felt it; a stirring in the energies, something powerful was coming. She began to draw energy to herself as she turned to face this new threat. She couldn't see it but she knew that it was right there, right in front of her. She sprang upward and hovered ten meters above the street as the forces built in her.

"Yuki! Don't! It's me, Yuuji!"

Yuki gaped in wonder, as the mecha seemed to materialize before her eyes. The chest of the great machine split open to reveal a very nervous Yuuji.

"Yuuji! You could have been killed! You know better than to sneak up on me like that!"

Yuuji blushed and grinned and suddenly Yuki blushed as well when she recalled the last time he'd surprised her. Her face suddenly went serious as she drifted to the cockpit as lightly as a soap bubble in a breeze. "Where did you get this? That is a Defense Force Arms Slave!"

Yuuji grinned more broadly, "I sort of borrowed it, it wouldn't be safe to come looking for you on foot."

Yuki was horrified, "Borrowed! You mean you stole it! You stole a military vehicle! They're going to put both of us away forever."

Yuuji leaned to the side as Europea stood up in the co-pilots seat "Don't worry about that, child. You have friends in high places."

Yuki glared at the EDS unit, "Don't call me a child." She looked back at Yuuji, "And exactly how did you get your hands on this thing anyway?"

Yuuji smirked as Yuki climbed into the cockpit; "I inherited a little bit from mama. You didn't get it all."

Yuki looked around uncertainly then sat in her brother's lap. As she relaxed she began to transform back into a simple schoolgirl once more. By the time the hatch was closed she had fallen sound asleep.

For the longest time they traveled in silence, finally Yuuji spoke. "Europea, can you really take care of everything?"

Europea lay her hand on Yuuji's shoulder, "It'll be okay. I'll return the mecha and speak to your parents. They love you very much and they don't want anything to happen to you."

She leaned back, "Trust us, Yuuji. This is what we were made for."

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