Ping tucked the comforter in around Kimiko and smiled to herself. She looked so peaceful lying there. Behind her she could hear Erika's even breathing and from the next room Piro softly stirring. Stopping at the door she looked back one more time to see that the girls were all right. She needed no lights for she could see everything.

They were her people, her family.

Quietly she slipped into Piro and hers small sleeping area and sat seiza beside him. Reaching out to him she lightly traced the line of his jaw then leaned forward to kiss his cheek. The night had been hard on him, on all of them.

Sitting upright again Ping shook her head. No one had any idea that the Magical Girls could have such an effect on those who tuned to the masses as Idols did. It all made sense now, Erika's discomfort with Sonoda Meimi, everything. Magical Girls were the most powerful force in Japan, perhaps even in the world, and until now no one had made any effort to bring them into the system.

It had been a risky move; the TPCD had extensive files on every known or suspect Magical Girl. They all had watchers to insure that they didn't go rogue. None of the Sisters or Ping could recall which of them had suggested contacting them. Examination of their cache memories provided no clues either.

It was a matter that would require much research.

Europea had suggested that in some way Meimi had caused it. That she had planted the suggestion within her to be passed along to their collective consciousness.

If that were to be the case then serious reevaluation of their capacities would be required.

Ping sighed then leaned forward to kiss Piro again. He stirred and smiled and that made her smile. Everything that she was doing, that the Sisters were doing, it was all for him and their people.

She finally turned and reached under the pillow on her side of the mat. She retrieved a small bundle then she quietly stood and went into the kitchen.

Ping sat in the dark and carefully unwrapped the bundle to remove the heavy pistol. Her small, powerful fingers quickly and expertly stripped the weapon and she examined it carefully using senses that no human would ever possess. She stripped each round from the magazines and checked them for any damage or contamination.

As she finally reassembled the piece the sun peeked over the row of buildings in the distance. She would let her little family sleep in today then she'd make them all something really special for breakfast.

She would take care of them; it was what she was made for.

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