!Largo in Mourning
i wasn't really kidding about pushing back the harsh wind of the winter
we were meeting each other, then our feelings began to grow deeper
there is only one of you, gravely wounded and destitute
and nothing we can do, even you, even you, even you, even you

she bears evidence of your depart, borne away on guilted wings
i can't accept that you've left this place, a journal to fill the space
emptiness i can't ignore, sinking grieved to the floor
they were witnessing such pain, attempting to cheer me
and hoping you had gone to be near me, knowing such an outcome could not be

a fierce sky, a storm threatens; i plunge outside
rage clouds my mind and makes your face appear in the chill air
accepting fate you left, so i jump—spinning
although you're not there, perhaps you are aware of how much i care
do you know how much i care for you?
there remain no others in this world

for you i promised to stand against the whirl
now i refuse to hold back one day more
i'll do what you denied of me befo-o-ore

there is only one of you, since abandoned all those you knew
and nothing we could do to save you, to save you, to save you
to save you, to save you, to save you
…i, too


<em>The first mentioning of "only one of you" refers to Kimko's Circuity character, while the second references Erika's.</em>

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