It's All Over Now, Little Dude
Apologies to Bob Dylan

I agreed to teach this class - I can make them l33t,
But I did not expect in here that insane doll to meet.
All in all it's just two floors to fall,*
But I'm hurt, I can't even crawl.
What's that light coming into view?
And it's all over now, little dude.

See that rift, up in the sky? Through that portal
Come zombie hordes bringing ph34r for all mortals.
Even though we have Dom's Sega van -
Can the undead be stopped by gaming fans?
Look out, there's a Sailor Bluto too!
And it's all over now, little dude.

See that huge turtle with his giant booze?
We'll stop him with my plan, there's no way I'll lose.
Make some faces at the Sony 'bot,
And she can tie him all up in a knot.
It's working Boo, she's chucked Gameru!
But it's all over now, little dude.

I'll go for my friend alone, you stay on this wall.
Inside here I will never sit - I'd rather fall.
A student from the class that I once taught
Is wanting to tag along on my walk.
Oh, no - what's happened to the cool!
And it's all over now, little dude.

*Not plagiarism - homage.

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