Fear not, O Silent Majority, it'll blow over eventually. In the meantime, jes' work it out with the blues.^_^

Forum Bitchin' Blues
(after "Folsom Prison Blues")

I see the flames a-comin',
They're roarin' through the thread,
And they been fricaseein'
Some, poor guy named Fred,
I hear the Forum Bitchin',
And it keeps draggin' on,
But that thread keeps a-growin'
An' it ain't slowin' down.

When I first joined the forum,
The vet's all told me, "j0!,
"Don't ever lose your head, boy,
"Don't fill this place with trolls!"
But I flamed some kid in verses,
Just to watch him fry,
When I think of how it hurt 'im,
I hang my head and cry.

I bet there's folks in SD,
Not havin' any fun,
They're lyin' low and thinkin'
"When will this crap be done?"
But the post-count just keeps growin',
A thread that would not die,
And nothin' else is goin',
I gotta wonder why.

Well, we seen this kinda thing before,
An' it might seem a crime,
The ego-trips and the homilies will
Fade away in time,
So so-long Forum Bitchin'
You'll rain some other day,
And I'll let new MT comics
Blow my Blues away.

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