A Teacher's Lesson
by Eli Young (Elyscape)
Apologies to Ryan8bit

He's... Why's he here?
Wish I could
Sensei, (sensei, don't go away) go away
I thought you cared

Don't tell anyone
Teacher, please!
I'll be shunned!
Sensei, (sensei, why don't you stay) don't you stay
Please teach (you still are my teacher) some more (what happened post-class?)
Make deep (you can't surrender) your score (yesterday has passed)

Come back to life
Play this game
Let us fight
Show me (show me what you can do) your skills
Why won't you strike?

I don't understand
Don't you care?
Make a stand!
Show me (show me power unknown) your strength
Was it (you really are a wimp) a lie? (I can't believe this)
You'd kill (fight on past what happened) your class? (push on towards bliss)

How'd you kill me?
I know what I did wrong!
I let my guard down
But I know I can beat you now

So, you're coming back
You said I'm your student
You better mean it
I've still so much to get
Help me reach your level

Forlorn Dream
by Ryan8bit

Here, on my own
Nothing left
Lost my throne
Left me (left me so incomplete) incomplete
My heart is gone

Left me free to roam
Weren't* for you
I'd be home
Left me (left me so incomplete) incomplete
My heart (please say it isn't so) is gold (nowhere to turn to)
So far (please I did not know) to go (I do not owe you)

Lost in this land
Desert sun
Endless sand
If I (if I should fade away) should fade
My life is done

So cold, body aches
Can't go on
My** kin's sake
If I (if I should fade away) should fade
My life (I cannot bear to live) is gone (without my loved ones)
I can't (I have nothing to give) be there (my life is now done)

Please forgive me
I don't know what I've done
To deserve this pain
I tried to help others in vain

No source of solace
Bereft of all things true
Alone in sorrow
I wait weeping for you
Tears will paint the morrow

*The official lyrics read "If it weren't for you" but you can't hear "if it", so I cut them. Nyah.
**This read "For my kin's sake" but you couldn't hear the "for". Same story as above.

[!filk] In this filk, Junko speaks/yells/bitches/whatevers to Largo in the timeframe of, well, now.
Also, it may be worth noting that the last verse-stanza-thing is bizarre. That is to say, the first syllable of the second and third lines is pretty much surpressed in the song, so you kinda have to string it into the next syllable. Listen to the song to see what I mean. Additionally, the very last line does not follow the original's rhyming structure. This is because I simply could not make a rhyme there. Whatever. [/!filk]

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