For this OLSaL tribute, a freer and more vigorous verse form is required. This is Alliteration, favored by the Anglo-Saxons, and it is one of the earliest forms of English poetry. It is an oral form, and should be read aloud for proper effect. If I've done it correctly (and I don't claim I have), you should be able to feel the din and surge of battle in the cadence if you read it aloud.

Dance the dance of death now,
With swift and savage swordplay.
As dusky Drow and Doctor,
Set about the slaughter.
A healer's hands work harm now,
wielding wicked war-brands,
But the evasive elf-may,
The deadly blows she dodges.

Dance the dance of death now,
Or are you too slow, good doctor?
Maliciously mocks the elf-may.
Her wicked words a weapon,
In this game of slaughter.
Sharp steel is his answer,
To temptress' taunts insulting,
And a cunning kick
catches her unwary.

Dance the dance of death now,
Hear the crowd's clamor!
Fast and furious the swordblows,
So too goes the betting.
As eager eyes ogle,
The warriors work at war-play,
A grim and dangerous dance,
with death its only measure.

Dance the dance of Death now!

war-brands = swords (archaic).
elf-may = Elf maiden (archaic).

The line break in the 2nd verse is deliberate. It's a pause for breath before finishing the line.

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