I feel kinda bad about losing some old forum regulars I've known for a long time. Believe me, I have no illusions about who was right and who was wrong in this mess. But it doesn't seem right, somehow, to let them fade away completely unremarked. So here's to you, guys. *raises a parting glass, and hopes it's not farewell forever*

Phy And Sabyr
(after "Danny Deever" by Rudyard Kipling)

"What's causin' so much forum flack?" said Writer-of-the-Post,
"Some SD posters made a row," replied the Forum Host.
"What's turned so many avies black?" said Writer-of-the-Post,
"Some members are a-mournin' now," replied the Forum Host.
.....For they're bannin' Phy an' Sabyr, an' they're bannin' Ham-Ham too,
.....The Mods 'ave closed their ranks at last, Fred's told 'em what to do,
.....They'll revoke their postin' priv'lege an' restrict their right to view,
.....An' they're bannin' Phy and Sabyr from the forum.

"What makes the newbies stare and frown?" said Writer-of-the-Post,
"A grievin' wind, a grievin' wind," replied the Forum Host.
"What makes the vets look sadly down?" said Writer-of-the-Post,
"They're losin' friends, they're losin' friends," replied the Forum Host.
.....They are bannin' Phy and Sabyr, in a minute they'll be gone
.....From the the threads where they 'ave posted for two years and more o' fun,
.....They'll be driven into exile for the flamin' they 'ave done,
.....O they're bannin' Phy an' Sabyr from the forum.

"I've argued with them line for line," said Writer-of-the-Post,
"They'll argue now in #mt-talk," replied the Forum Host.
"We've RP'ed here from time to time," said Writer-of-the-Post,
"They'll find some other halls to stalk," replied the Forum Host.
.....They are bannin' Phy and Sabyr, they'll be gone without a trace,
.....For they mocked and vilified the man who's keeper of this place,
.....The can post on other boards 'ere, but they can not 'ave this space,
.....'Cuz they're bannin' Phy and Sabyr from the forum.

"What's that by WyndhamHeart I see?" said Writer-of-the-Post,
"A reconciliation thread," replied the Forum Host.
"And who's that starting MDT?" said Writer-of-the-Post,
"It's Dom, who's standin' in for Fred," replied the Forum Host.
.....For they're done with Phy and Sabyr, an' if they ever let 'em back,
.....We may 'ope that when they disagree, they'll show a little tact,
.....Now we need to 'ave our Artist back to get SD on track,
.....After bannin' Phy and Sabyr from the forum.

(apologies to Rudyard Kipling)

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