Editor's Note: This work was created for the "Circuity" omake.

Against the Wind
Apologies to Hank Williams

I'm a cursed girl all alone and lost,
For my friend's halo I have paid the cost.

Searching for my friend, I met my end -
And found another boy pushing back the wind.

Just an old journal and some memories
And an old promise makes a man like me.
On the day she left I lost a friend,
I started pushing back against the wind.

She was just a girl, nearly twenty-two
With a broken arm - that broke her dreams too,
But those two wounds I could not tend.
What happens if I push against the wind?

Now boys don't chase your fool's errands -
There you'll only find houses made of sand.
Take my advice or those blades will rend
All your dreams to push against the wind.

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