These storylines don't have enough material for me to make a humorous filk, so I did one about the recent cart-astrophe on Megagear.

Yes, I know, it's a lame pun. Shut up.

Thus, I present...

This is how a cart breaks
A not-so-subtle tribute to MegaGear's difficulties.
In the style of Rob Thomas

Yeah, you know that you want to buy
That sticker it's no lie.
You got your slice of the pie,
Because you just got your paycheck.

But you don't know if you clicked.
And as the clock starts to tick
You start to click like a madman.
The page won't load, it's hectic.

And you don't know your browser cache won't clear.
And you've got fifteen shopping carts now, oh dear.

You're in for it now
Watch your funding go down
Everything starts crashing
This is how a cart breaks.
You paid with PayPal, check your bank account now
Or you'll sleep on the streets
This is how a cart breaks.

Now you wish that you hadn't tried
that thing you wanted to buy
You feel like you're gonna cry
Because you broke the whole store now
Now your wallet's starting to fry
Because computers don't know
You only wanted to click one time.

Because code gets sloppier every day
And your orders are all coming your way

FedEx just showed up at your door
But they found it's a vacant lot
Because you got the house repo'd
And now you haven't got a dime
Never get your receipt
Not even when you're losing your mind
All those cool products ruined you before you realized
That your budget had no room


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