I'm in Love With My Box {I'm in Love With My Car}

{Largo in MegaGamers attic, with Erika backup}
The machine of a dream, such a l33t machine,
With the coolant a-flowin', and the stat-bars all green.
When I'm holding your mouse
All my feelings aroused,
Can I install this light-gun? Oh, I'm on such a hot run!
I'm in love with my box, my new boards I can't help but adore.
Holding onto my adapted Wavebird,
So aroused by my optical mouse.

{Erika, backed by Largo}
Told Kimiko I'd have to forget her,
Just bought me a leet new processor.
So she raised an eyebrow, asked "What's happened to you?
"You broke his arm - now he's always with you!"
When he put in those cards - now I can't seem to stop,
With my drivers all overclocked
Don't have to browse with no run-of-the-mill pre-box.

I'm in love with my box - so aroused by my optical mouse.
I'm in love with my box - send les fleurs pour mon ordinateur!*

*French: flowers for my computer; cheap? yes, but it rhymes

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