MegaTokyo Moments {You're My Best Friend}

{Scenes from MT Moments strips, Asako and Mami before school}
Ooh, she looks so sad,
Whenever Yuki looks sad to me
Her friend is all she'll need,
Ooh, she looks so sad now Mami! Ooh, she looks so sad.

{Matsui in studio}
Oh, she's our seiyuu playing Kotone,
What happened to her sad reading?
There's no feeling.
Said "I need you to know
"That the story is blue -
"But I can help you."
Oh, she's our seiyuu.

Ooh, she seems so sad.
Ooh, can't you smi~le for me?
Don't you know I'm here for you
If you'll just smile I'll stop the pulling!
I'm trying to help (trying to help)
You're our best friend.
Oh, she seems so sad
Whenever some jerk is cruel to her
We know where to pull for cheer - oo oo ooh
Oh, she seems so sad now Mami!
Oh, she seems so sad.

{Kimiko's Agent}
Found some problems, this could turn out bad
I see you never were lonely
You were so busy and I've never seen
I've never seen such things that you've done -
Oh, it's the wrong file!

{"Sight" Actors, Staff}
Oh, she's such a klutz
She's fallen (tripped on nothing!)
But she's so cute.
Oh, she is so cute
Oh, she's our actress (Oo oo ooh!)
Her, she is so cute.

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