Largo vs. Miho Part II {The Prophet's Song}

{Boo enters, sitting on Junko's sholder, accompanied by some of Largo's class}
{Junko sings, backed by class}
Oh~oh ravers of the Cave
Log onto the ranting
Our classmate she said
The 3v1l Queen she gathers here -
Listen to our sensei!
In games he learned of the undead here
Though we thought his spiel must be the beer;
A man who taught us to hone our skillz
His sincere heart giving us the chills,
He taught us l33t through the game arcades
Hope to stay out of early graves.
"You learn the way," I heard him say,
"For l4m3 are the skillz of Tokyo police!"

Oh~oh ravers of the Cave
Log onto the ranting
Our classmate she said
Tuesday the undead threat will come
Summoned by your own Queen!
Oh~oh children of Japan
Log onto the new way
Join our clan.
Game and gain the new wisdom -
Go and roll the hex die!

{Yuki decides to help Miho; slides chair onto floor, gets on top of it}
{Yuki sings, backed by select ravers}
They tell of skillz with an earnest breath
Giving the lame and the untrained death,
But here too late these leet ones see
That their rival may just be lonely.
A real friendship is for most unknown
Could that dark queen just be alone?
But here we'll rave - friendships we'll make
But death in your soul will be your pow'r-up.

Oh~oh students of the man
Listen to the young one the ravers they said.
"For those who hear and mark my words,"
Listen to this young girl!

{R}And two by two
{C}Your human zoo!
{R}They'll be lining up to come (lining up to come)
Into the Cave!
Dance is our life -
Who heed us not, know your leet skills will fail you.
{C}Ph34r for your life -
Deceive you not all our l33t games will save you -
Else d34th awaits you...

{Operatic portion where each side shows off vocal range}

{After operatic portion, Largo takes lead}
Class use your skillz to pwn these foolz
Test your wisdom in the heat of battle!
{All} Oh~oh children of Japan
Ours is still the answer, take our hand.
{Ping} My power fades, a voice I hear
"Time to bring in Piro!"
I'm shutting down and I cannot
Help my dear Piro...

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