Types: Filk, Community
Leet Company {Good Company}

{Ocelot leads, unfortunate forumites backup}
Mind your posts and forum pals,
A vet'ran once told me,
As he scoured the strips in Story D.
He posted carefully.
Don't fool with foolz from other boards
Keep all leet company.
Oo~hoo, Oo~hoo, keep out of threads of forum trolls
And keep leet company.

So I learned and ranks I earned
As the vet'rans humored me.
I'd post my art with WyndhamHeart
The girl with Dom plushies,
But very soon I thought I ought to change my company.
Oo~hoo, oo~hoo, raise my postcount so very high
If I change my company.

Story D. is a lively forum board,
But to bump my postcount I needed something more.
All the n00bs by a post
By and by I would roast
But no moderator bothered me.
I spammed all through those other boards,
My reputation grew.
Flame-wars devoured my browsing hours,
But when those brawls were through
I finally earned a custom title
To use and call my own.

I forgot Story D. once we parted company.
After those posts, in the end I was toast
As a moderator came to bother me.
Now I'm banned, I browse around
In the threads I cannot write.
I ponder on the lesson of
My posts filled up with spite -
Watch your posts or you'll get pwned
And keep leet company!

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