Largo vs. Miho Part III {Bohemian Rhapsody}

{Piro, standing on side of stage}
Can this be real life?
It's Largo's fantasy,
He must be dead-drunk
With no sense of reality.
{Seraphim, on his shoulder}
He's still your friend,
Go out there and lend your help...
{P} I'm just a loser, deserve no sympathy,
Because I'm always wrong, never right,
I see the snow, not the light -
Anywhere the games are, doesn't really matter to me, to me.

{Yuki, hopping off chair}
Piro, just fought your friend
I spoke out against his class
See minds shattered like the glass.
Piro, thought we had a chance
So have I gone and thrown it all away?
{All}Piro, oo~
{Largo} Came here to get you out
But we can't surrender the field of battle!
Carry on, carry on, see their forces are in tatters.
{L33t D00d, as Piro tries to leave w/Ping}
Too late, the ravers here
Have all now smelled your blood -
Come and join the army's flood.
Come on little newbie, it's time to fight
Gotta leave your ph34r behind and face your foes.
{All}Piro, oo~
{P}Time for me to leave,
Really wish I'd never come here at all!

{Spotlight shines on Piro, Miho leads}
I though I saw a little Pirogoeth in this man,
{Some class and ravers, CR1}
Heya n00b, heya n00b, will you play some Fandango?
Opera and leetspeak, very very creepy, yo!
Miyamoto, Miyamoto,
Miyamoto, Miyamoto,
Miyamoto Romero - hidoi desu~
{P} I'm just a loser - why do they love me?
{Other class and ravers, CR2}
He's just a loser with a Sony robot
Spare him his ph34r from this terrible lot.
{P}Alway's wrong, never right - will you let me fly?
{CR1}OMG no! We will not let you go {CR2}Let him go!
{CR1}OMG no! We will not let you go {CR2}Let him go!
{CR1}OMG no! We will not let you go {CR2}Let him go!
{CR1}Will not let him go {CR2}Let him go!
{CR1}Never, never, let him go
{P}Never let me go! Oh~
{All}No, no, no, no, no, no, no -
{P}Oh Seraphim, Seraphim, Seraphim let me go,
If I lose Ping-chan my friend'll kill me, kill me, kill me!

{Largo, pushing through crowd to Piro}
So you think you can pwn him and take him from me,
So you think you can love him and make him so l33t,
Oh, l4m3rz - he's still my friend you l4m3rz,
Just gotta tough up, just gotta grow him a spine.

{Piro, carrying Ping out door}
Nothing really matters, anyone can see,
Nothing really matters - nothing really matters to me.
{All} Anywhere the games are...

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