Angel Boo
(Seraphim speaking, in paraphrase of Kipling's "Gunga Din")

You may game an' drink your beer
When you're quartered safe up 'ere,
In the HQ o' the Conscience Dispatch Unit;
But when you've been assigned,
You'll be workin' all the time,
An' you'll earn your bloomin' wings in 'alf a minute.
Now on Nihon's crowded isles,
Where I've been 'ard-pressed awhile,
A-lookin' after twin otaku fools,
On more 'elp I was insistent,
But you sent as my assistant,
A mangy little fur-ball, name o' Boo!
He was Boo! Boo! Boo!
"You worthless little rodent, Angel Boo!
"You cannot even speak,
"Except to utter 'squeek',
"An' your strap-on wings ain't l33t, Angel Boo!

'Is furry little coat
Was nothin' much to note,
An' 'is influence on Largo less than that,
Yet I must've been accursed,
'Cuz 'e's made 'is client worse
Than 'e ever was before, and that's a fact!
One day they slipped below
The busy streets of Tokyo,
An' in the Cave of Evil there they found,
A dark an' mystic book
That got 'alf the fan-boys shook,
When an evil kawaii presence was unbound.
It was Boo! Boo! Boo!
What bakayaori mischief did you do?
In a single day you've got me
Right up to my butt in zombies,
An' just 'ow I'll cope's beyond me, Angel Boo!

An' yet, there was the day
Largo almost passed away,
After jumpin' from 'is 'igh-school's upper floor,
Well, you first tried CPR,
Then you tried to shock 'is heart,
Then you finally brought 'im back to game some more!
Just a little while ago
When Miho was laid low,
An' Largo was inclined to leave 'er be,
With one soulful little stare
You turned 'im round right there,
An' 'e 'ad 'er moved to the infirmary.
So it's Boo! Boo! Boo!
Why did you leave Trent Oster, little fool?
But now you are my sidekick,
An' though it pains me much to say it,
I'll allow you 'ave potential, Angel Boo!

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