A flash. I know it. I have been here before.
My memory is not so feeble.

Sadness. Rejection. Trauma and sadness fall.
That falling feeling will bring forth the end.

Such is how it was, those many years before.
My world collapsed.
Death knocked on my door.
I screamed out, trapped,
"Someone! Come help before--"

Nothing. Nobody. Could I even be heard?
No matter how loud I screamed, all was silent.

"I'm telling you, this is going to hurt.
"I'm telling you, I might die!
"Why will nobody come? WHY?"

Minions. Followers. You need to be here.
Never more have I needed people with me than now.

But I am alone. Nobody will leap to my aid.
There is nobody here who can help.
Something must happen.
Something must--

"Wake up!
"Come on, you're alright!
"Wake up! Please!"

Brightness. Luminence. It hurts my eyes.
The glow is more than I can stand to bear.

But I must.

Beauty. A young girl. She kneels at my side, speaking.
I had felt her emploring me to rise.

"I don't know where you came from,
"but thank you. You saved my life."

"No," she answered, "You saved mine.
"My name is Mami, what's yours?"


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