Men of L33t, Part XXVII - Landings and Landers

Erika tied a ribbon in the last of her braids, and nodded satisfactorily at the mirror.


"Aye, ma'am, I know. Already gettin' the baths ready for when Miss Kimiko comes back."

Erika smiled slightly. "Thank you, Misty." She turned and walked out of the room and down the stairs. Just as she was about to open the front door, the was a CRACK and three soft thuds behind her.

"Unnngh... last time we use Stew travel..."

Her hand paused over the door knob, and she glanced slightly over her shoulder.


Her quite soaked friend shook her head, and gingerly picked herself up from off of the other two unfortunates. "Hey, Erika." She wavered.

"What are you doing here?? I was just about to go pick you up!"

One of the two stew-soaked figures lifted his head. "Well, y'see-"

CRACK! The door burst open into fragments! Erika whirled about just in time to see the Lady Shadowdancer walk in with an entire regiment of Churchmen. Shadow looked about, and raised an eyebrow.

"I really didn't think..." she turned. "Lady Erika. You are under arrest for breaking and entering a high-security prison. You will be held until such a time as a judgment can be made."


"Also, you are currently under investigation for the invasion of Anglish soil by highly-advanced forces."


The second soaked figure blinked. "Oh, dear, they got here this fast?"

Erika whirled. "Who?"

Shadow eyed the lying figure. "Indeed..." She looked up. "Miss Kimiko, I apologize, but you are involved in this... fiasco." Shadow turned. "Take them all into custody."

"Over my dead-"


"Junpei think not."


A man appeared where the throwing star had landed, between the Church and the girls. Shadow looked him over curiously.

"I remember you... one of the high ninjas from the Orient. In Nippon, wasn't it? What are you doing here?"

"Protecting L33t-master's woman. Junpei arrive through orange-crate portal two hours ago. Stole temple's paper on l33t-master and friends, saw orders for arrest, came here."

Kimiko grabbed Erika's arm and held her back, giggling inside. Tired as she was, and as bad as the situation was, it was good to know some things never changed.

Shadow bowed carefully. <I deeply apologize, but I must take these into custody. They have committed crimes against the Empire.>

<Unfortunately, I cannot allow that. Even if I were not sworn to protect, I would not. If you had truly meant to seek justice, you would not have come in this manner. Your motives betray themselves.>

<Ey, now, could us oranges here all just babble in a wisdom speech, or somewhat? My orient talk all is no that fluff-ow!> The soaked man crunched up from Erika's kick.

Shadow's eyes flashed. "I have done what I can. Your death is no longer my responsibility."

"Junpei regret this fight as well."

"Then-aaiie!" Junpei blurred back as the entire front half of the room dropped out from beneath Shadow and her men. Erika surged forwards as the floor clicked back into place.

"Quickly!" She jerked a lever down on the wall and a red light snapped into place where the main doors had been. She tapped her magicom. "Ian, barrier field around the north wall as soon as they've exited the funnel!"

"Done and done, ma'am. I've got to say, Charles, that was awesome timing!"

"What have you both done?!"

"Wh-Miss Integral? What are you doing with Charles...?"

"Er, well, she wanted me to show her what I was working on, and-"

"Charles, you idiot, you might have just killed us all dumping the Lady Shadow like that!"

"Charles, you dumped the Lady Shadow? When did you two start dating?"

"Shut up, Ances-"

"How come I never heard about this?"


"How can you all just sit around and joke about this?!"

"Because it's easier than sta-THWACK"

"I think Miss Integral's been spending too much time around the Lady Erika, don't you think, Ancestral?"

"Indeed, Ian."

Erika tapped her magicom dryly. "I'll take that as a compliment." BOOM! "They've begun hitting the field. What do we have, Ian?"

"96%, but they're only testing it. Should be able to last a heavy assault for 7 minutes, 34 seconds."

"Begin preparation for submersion, then."

"Hai, ma'am. Preparing for submersion. Event will occur in 2 minutes, 64 seconds."

"64 seconds?"


"Why do I even associate with you people?!"

"Because you love us, Pam."

"Ooooh, he used her first name..."

"Shut up, An-" Erika clicked off the com.

"Now." She turned to the two men, who'd finally dragged themselves off the floor. "You will tell me exactly what went on and exactly what you meant by 'they got here this fast'" Junpei stepped up behind her. "And believe you me, you had better have some good reasons."


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