Men of L33t, Part XXIX - Of Princes

Shadow recoiled as the earth below her exploded, and then dove around it, casting webs of lightning before her. "Zeth, Cryshalo, move faster!" She cast another bolt at the falling complex. This is the lead to Piro and I will not lose them! She thought, diving around another explosion.


Piro turned in his sleep, strange thoughts and images dancing through his head.

BOOM. The earth shook silently.

"He is our only son!" A woman's voice...

"And that is why we cannot keep him!"


~ Have you never wondered, why the Prince always searches for the Princess?

BOOM. Cracks began to appear on the surface of the land.

BOOM. "Look, I know you're worried about him-"

People began to looking about worriedly.

"And even afraid, and so am I! But he is our son. We can't let him grow up in this kind of life!"


~ Have you ever wondered, why it is always the prince?

Somewhere in the waking world, a cell began to strain. Earth pulls stone.


~ Once upon a time, there was a royal family with great power.

"She's almost on us!"

"We're out of tenbooms, we can't return fire!"

~ The kings ruled the land with an iron hand, yet just.

BOOM. A rune began to split. Will's eye fluttered.


~ And yet, growing up, no man could use his power, until

BOOM. "She's broken the shield!"

~ He could do nothing-

"Milady, another hit and-"

~ to save-



- - -

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