Men of L33t, Part XXX
The Only Time We Have Is No Time At All


The word echoed silently throughout space, as everything jerked to a stop. She blinked. Around her, the room was shattered, or rather frozen in the shattering, splinters hanging fragmented in space. In the void before her, the Lady Shadowdancer sprang unmoving; her blade tipped forwards, ready for her kill. To her left and right, people shielded themselves for an eternity, their arms raised in anticipation of the debris that stood frozen in mid-air. A pale blue light swirled around and about everything, tinting the air and wafting through it like so much smoke. It was eerie and yet at the same time somehow… comforting. Like home. She heard a cough behind her and whirled around.

"Piro!" she cried in a lung, "Piro, oh Piro, you're here!"

"Oof!" He staggered back a foot before regaining his balance, and Kimiko tightened her arms around his chest, crying and willing him never to leave. He stiffened for a moment, and then relaxed. "Shh…" he said, holding her close. "It's okay. I'm here. I'm here. Or at least…" he paused. "At least enough to matter."

She pulled back for a moment to look at him. "What do you mean?"

"Well…" he chuckled sheepishly. "I don't really know where I- I mean my physical body- is at. My self is here with you. Although that's what really counts."

As he spoke, Kimiko slowly realized that the blue light was emanating from him. "Are you… did you… you did this?"

Piro blinked, and looked around. "I… guess I did. Though not consciously." He held up his hand, and watched the light misting off of it. "Huh. The last time this happened, the colors seemed unreal- too real. Vivid, like they were alive."

"The last time…?"

Piro looked down. "Maybe I didn't do it the last time. I didn't feel the strain then like I do now." He closed his eyes. "It's like everything's trying to push itself forwards at once." He opened them and this time actually looked around for the first time. "What happened?"

"I-" Kimiko looked down. "I got arrested. For conspiracy. I heard you were sick and panicked and tried to get Vorlon to find Sir Largo. But then the Captain discovered us, and Erika had to use a lot of her resources to try and get me out of jail. Then the night before I could leave, some crazy people broke me out and brought me to Erika- just in time for the Lady Shadowdancer to arrive and assume Erika had done it."

Piro's eyes flicked forward. "I guess that's why she's- wait, is that dirt?!"

"Ahhh… Erika's men submerged us. Her labs, I mean. We're in some sort of half-phased state that lets us move through solid matter, or something like that. You know how Ian gets when he's on a roll."

"Er… I guess…" Piro looked around again, and shook his head. "Damn it all! I have no clue what to do. This room is gone- even if I could fend off the Lady for you, you'd die from the collapse. I need Will, but-"


"You called-oww!" The man reeled, holding his head. "Gosh darn it! You could… at least… warn a fellow before he ports into another time zone!"


"Yes, and I'll be happy to see you too, as soon as I get rid of this splitting headache. Madre de dios!"

Kimiko stepped forward with her hand out. "But… I thought the Church- how did you get- how did you come?"

Will sucked a breath in through his teeth, and held it. After a pause, he let it out slowly and opened his eyes. "Your boyfriend suddenly lit up on the map like the Great London Fire. 's got nearly all the mages buzzing, or at least when I heard before I vipped out of there. Their major problem was, he's in two places. Myself-" he pointed at his head. "-I went for the one that was hurting my head. I have no natural mental defense, y'see, and I heard someone wishing I was there. In large mind-fragmenting volumes. As if I didn't already have the motivation to skip Church!" He grinned.

"So!" Will slapped his hands together. "Whatcha can I do for yas?"

"Can you teleport everyone out of here before this place kills us all?"

"Kha! You don't ask for much, do you?"

"I'm holding this whole place frozen in time."

"Point. Well, I'll do what I can. Though I can't do you- AUGH, mental image!" Will smacked his head several times. "I mean, I can't- y'know, teleport you. Since you're not really here."

Kimiko turned to look at Piro. "I… will you… I swear I'll get you out of there!"

Piro took his girl into his arms. "I'll be fine, hon. Just you keep yourself safe!"

"I'm getting you out of there!"

"No, you aren't, you can't risk yourself like that!"

"That isn't your choice!"

Boooorring. thought Will, as he started moving through the room. Though, it should give me plenty of time to try and get everyone. Never done a massive non-physical port before…

"I swear to God, if you-" fwip.

"Kimiko?" Piro stared at the empty space around him.

"Gah!" He vanished with a frustrated wave.

* * *

CRASH! An entire complex landed in the middle of the forest, missing most of its front walls.

"Piro!" Kimiko cried.

"What in the world…?" Erika glanced around as others shook themselves in bewilderment.

"Well, now-" Will grinned. "I suppose you'll have to go get him now if you want finish that argument!"


* * *

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