To the Forums of 2005

Dom run over, good CGs, Vexx, Googol, Yagami
Cave of Evil, Osaka Boy, HatsuharuZ

Brite_Pink_Happy, littlethunder, Forum drama, anti-kleber
uberlegen, Wolfen Kahlen, Ancestral Hamster

Drinking Game, thread locks, reblekid, shipper blocs
flybank, Circuity, watching out for poor newbies

Initial B, StarStorm, SD's brand new mod team
Rowan Bristol, VRMaster, MT Writers Archive!

We didn't start the forums,
but we'll keep on posting,
'long as Fred keeps hosting...
We didn't start the forums,
No we couldn't start 'em
but we sure do <3 'em~

scientision, St Sparky, NekuraEtowaru
Silent Killer, Shadowrider, Avatar thread

Phydeaux, Shinmeko, Brent starts Wikitokyo
#forum-sd comes to #mt-talk

Zombie, Digests, Sailing with the tough Pirates
Sex with Izzy, muffin fans, Fred gets fed up, Dom's big plans

NightStrife, Joshlamont, Metarenga, trolls' taunts
hikaru, Cows Woo~, best do as the mods want


Wave Master, Tanetris, Taluria, Akamai
WhiteKnight, morons fry, Rufi makes more fanart, "Wai!"

Yoyogi, Alharan, infighting, such a bore!
Rescripters, 3Power, What are the black avvies for?

SpyderGreywolf, "She Comes", Cortana, mod-fia
Philweasel, ph00tbag, "Where's the characters page?"

Haldane, Hibiki, tragicsmile and Refugee
architecture, Shoka, Zero-Alpha, Ooklah


raykremer, Fred rests, talking about Ping's breasts
Sparky, Spanky, # moo moo moo~ invasion

Veteran posters butting heads, drama in discussion threads
fanfics, CrackPr0n, Fred's sick, it's Shirt Guy Dom!

Wavebird_Ocelot, Fred's late with the strip a lot
IRC, MDT, forums need InnoDB

Omoikane, Chun-o-Gram, Alpicola, haiku spam
Kid_K, _Quinn rocks, DarkMorford, steals socks
Sabyr, Rapier, WyndhamHeart, lots of well done fanart
hate thrown into the trash can, HamHam gets a nice long ban

MT Wiki, Haibane, necromancers, roleplay
Senior l33t, con folks meet, Char, Crack, "Largo's sw33t!"
Miho lovers cry for more, Sir breaks the no-hentai law
Frederation's forum war, you are all who this is for!


We didn't start the forums
But when the comic's done
Will we still post on, and on, and on, and on...

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