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Last night, I spent some time seriously considering the idea of an NWN-obsessed Largo singing Talkin' 'Bout My [Character] Generation ("I'll be cleaning out a g-g-goblin infestation, just as soon as I'm d-d-d-done my g-g-generation..."), and so, in penance to my muse, I wrote this. From Kimiko's point of view, obviously; it doesn't have a title (though if I'd written something about Miho, I could have called it 'Ensorcell Him').

In my dreams you're still as I believed
Simple kindness embodied as you leave
I guess that I misjudged you
What I saw in your eyes
I guess I'm just blind
Guess I'm just blind

Tell me I was wrong so I can grieve
Tell me

In my dreams I say this to your face
This time I'm surprised to find I'm awake
Find I'm really awake

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