Seiyuu Erika
(Good King Wenceslas)

Seiyuu Erika looked out
From the highest window
On the crowd milling about
Waiting just to see her.
Deepest dread filled all her thoughts
As she stood there pondering
How the hell the store would run
If she didn't show for work.

Piro's walking down the stairs,
Then the fanboys see him,
Asking if she's working there
And if she's still broken.
Piro hasn't got a clue
Why they want to see her.
Boss-san spells it out for him
In exquisite de-tail.

Piro was a great big fan
He had Moeko's pillow,
Erika was on his door
And he never realized.
Now his mind is really blown
Boss is in a tizzy.
How can he help all those fans
When he doesn't have her wares.

Largo feels the violence
Brewing in the mileu,
He feels they can mount defense
To hold back the onslaught.
Erika, with certainty,
Says do not protect her,
She is set to face the mob
Weathering the tur-moil.

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