Types: Filk, Piro, Largo
Because I like multi-voice peices. So there. :-)

P: Many times I tried to frag you
many times I've died alone
boy I'm suprised how well
you taunt my gameplay on the phone

L: Don't want to 0wn you really,
you're just not worth my time
because you give up easy
to the doubts which complicate your mind

P&L: We belong to the game
we belong to the thunder
we belong to the names of the swords
we've both fallen under
whenever we deny or lose face
for worse or for better
we belong, we belong,
we belong together

P: Maybe it's a sign of weakness
when I don't know what to say
maybe I just wouldn't know
what to do sans ren'ai anyway

L: Has it become a habit?
Do I distort the facts?
So there's no looking forward,
Yet there's no turning back
Once we've said


P: Close my eyes and try to think now
close my eyes and take a drink,
drain my mug and do my best
to make my reputation clean.

L: You can't begin to know it
how much I really drink
I hear boo's voice inside me
I see girls' mace everywhere
So we say


- _Quinn

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