Inventory Analysis {Nobody Home}

"It's going great!" "STFU!!!11!1!!..."

I've got a little hard drive with my pr0n in,
Got a box with my cereal and beer in,
When I'm a good boy Spanky'll throw an av in.
We got a Sony Doll keeping my pants on.
Got those blistered thumb blues.
Got thirteen channels of n00bs in the chatrooms to choose from.
I feel my senses chill, and I've got r0ck1n' skillz,
I've got amazing powers of observation -
And that is how I know when I try to get through
To the worshippers of you - there'll be nobody home.

I've got the obligatory Carmack codes,
And the inevitable save-point loads,
Scattered throughout this crazy Japanese town.
I've got a classroom full of students,
I've got a Hello Kitty wristwatch.
I've got old Famicoms to prop up my skillz a notch.
I've got wild staring eyes
And I've got a strong urge to fly,
But I got nowhere to fly to.
O~oh, newb, when I browse through their boards


There's still nobody home.
We've got a pair of Tiger games - are we really this l4m3?

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