Types: Filk, Ping, Humor
Red Earblades {Run Like Hell}

Run, Run, Run...
You'd better get yourself out of
Your crossplayer's disguise.
With your schoolgirl's skirt and your girlified eyes.
With mischievous smiles
And your skillz so leet.
Feel the bile rising from your guilty past.
With your nerves in tatters
When the arcade shatters
And the broomstick batters
Down the door - you'd better run!

Run, Run, Run...
You better run all day and run all night,
And keep your dirty fanfics deep inside.
If you're planning to hack her drives tonight
You'd better watch the shade of her ear-light.
'Cause if she wakes up in the attic
While you pick her locks,
She's gonna hand you back to Piro
In a bento box - you'd better run!

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