Piro's Dream {The Trial}

Good morning, Hayasaka.
Sera will plainly show
The otaku who now stands before you
Was caught red-handed with failed romance,
Failed romances due to an otaku nature;
This will not do. Call the leetmaster!

I always said those games were no good
For honing his l33tn355,
If he'd have listened to me I could
Have saved him from his fate!
But my hands were tied,
His l4m3r friend Tsubasa
Let him drool over the undead.
May I 0wnz0r him today?

Loser, e-bay'ed my bed set I'm a loser,
Only a fanboy.
They must have taken my shoujo away!
Loser, e-bay'ed his bed set he's a loser.

You little shit you're in it now,
I hope they reset your hard drive.
You should have played with me more often
Than you did - but no! You had to chase
Kimiko, have you reset any more dolls lately?
Left us in the Cave, your honor, her and me, alone.

Come to Yuki sensei, can you share with
Me your art?
Y'know I only wanted him to fulfill my fantasies.
Why couldn't he ever teach me?
Hayasaka, let him give a lesson.

Loser, creeped out by Miho, I'm a loser,
User of Windows.
There must have been a save point in Tokyo
When I flew in!
Loser, creeped out by Miho, he's a loser.

This lamer who's playing the game is
Already in game over, there's no need for
The score to be rung up.
In all my years of acting
I have never read before
A script that's less deserving
Of the high score of four paws.
The way you fell and blundered,
Makes me stand in awe and wonder
How you even made it to the game!

"Yeah! 0wnz0r 'im!"

Since, my friend, you have revealed your
Deepest fear,
I sentence you to be exposed before your peers.
Leave Tokyo!

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