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Yet another album-filk, this time Wish You Were Here, with many apologies to Pink Floyd.

Foreign Songs

Shine On You Crazy Gaijin Part 1 {Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)}

Remember your old friend Dom
Locked you in a trunk.
Shine on you crazy gaijin!
Your problems can be undone
Only with your shotgun.
Shine on you crazy gaijin!
You were caught in the crossfire
Of friendship and rivals,
Blown on the plot line.
Come on you puppet for the unseen forces,
Come on you gamer, you madman, you sniper, and shine!

You reached for your weapons too soon,
You looked like a loon.
Shine on you crazy gaijin!
Threatened by what you set free,
And your cerebral debris.
Shine on you crazy gaijin!
Well you wore out your welcome
With parlous decisions,
Rode on the plot lines.
Come on you gambler, you snatcher of robots,
Come on you lover, you lamer, you leveret, and shine!

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