Chapter Two:

Stepping off the plane in Tokyo, Piro felt odd. Not sick or anything, just strange. He had thought being in Japan at last, the Mecca of all he enjoyed in life, would be euphoria.

Instead, he felt dead inside.

"Dud3! What are ya doing? Let's hit up a bar or something until we see that guy…what's his name?"
"Yeah, that dud3. Let's go…I wanna try some sake before the day's out."

Piro tried to laugh at Largo's one-track mind, but he couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. That he had been through all this before…

They walked into the airport bar and sat down. Largo got his beer and Piro got one too. Piro just couldn't shake the constant feeling of déjà vu.

"I'm going to go out for some air." He placed some money on the table. "That should cover my bill. I'll see you whenever."

"Okay…later, man." Largo looked slightly confused. Then his second mug of beer arrived.


Piro sighed, and walked outside of the terminal. The chilly November air didn't affect him as much as he thought it would.

"What's wrong with me? I don't feel sick, just…strange."

Seraphim looked on from the streetlamp at her subject. She turned to her partner, Boo.

"Odd. Piro seems in tune to the shift, but Largo's as dense as ever."
"Yeah. You'd half expect Largo to be going on about the undead or whatever."


"People running from the bar…yeah, didn't expect that," Seraphim sighed. "Stick with Piro, Boo. We don't need to attract Inspector Sonoda and the TCPD. I'll take care of Largo."

Fluttering her wings, she sped off in Largo's direction.

Largo was swinging his empty mug at a group of twenty or so people surrounding his table. The rest of the place was in disarray, with tables knocked down.

"Largo did this?" Seraphim wondered.

"G3t a\/\/4y from m3, ya und3ad fr34ks!"

"Don't tell me those people are actually zombies…" Seraphim sighed. "Great…a job for the TCPD."

Landing on the overturned table by her, Seraphim grabbed a tiny rifle and aimed it at the back of a couple of zombies. Shooting once, a much bigger-than-would expected boom followed an even bigger blast, wiping out just enough of the hoard to clear a path for Largo.

"Run, you idiot!" Seraphim chided.

Largo looked for the voice coming seemingly from nowhere for a second, but the remaining crowd was more than happy to oblige.

Piro was content for the moment to let the chaos pass by him; Largo was always a bit insane.

"Tsubasa will be here soon anyway," Piro thought. "Anyway, I should make sure he doesn't get himself killed."

Piro started off in the direction of the terrified terminal, but a tap on the shoulder made him stop and turn around.

"Tsubas…uh, hello?"

<Have you seen the 1337 Master?> the guy in the ninja suit queried. <Junpei in need of his services.>

"What?" <Look you must have me mistaken for someone else,> Piro turned back towards the terminal. <Uh, I'm in a hurry, can I help…>

The hulk of a man was gone.

"Well, that was weird," Piro muttered.


This time is was Tsubasa, walking towards him, with, of all things, a girl in tow.

"Tsubasa! Good to see you! And who's that?"

"This is Ping, the doll I told you about."

"Oh, that's right," Piro said. <How are you?>

Ping bowed, <It's good to see you, Piro-kun.>

Piro looked at Tsubasa. <Did she just call me Piro-kun? Without me saying four words to her?>

<Yes. That is most strange. I'll have to call Sony Customer Support, but that'll be a good week on the phone.>

Piro laughed nervously. Something about the android...the ninja... This day just didn't feel right.

Largo stumbled out of the bar, smelling of booze and smoke.

"Hey, Piro. Uh…we should get out of here quickly. These people don't like it when you try to save them from a zombie hoard."

"Sure," Piro nodded. Looking at Tsubasa, he added <He's probably got the cops on his butt.>

<Already? Is that not a record?>

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