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Chapter Four:

"Damn it." Seraphim looked over at Boo. "That Sony guy's going to make our job about fifty times harder, you know."
"Squeak!" was Boo's insightful reply.
"Somehow I knew you were going to say that," Seraphim sighed. "Well, headquarters actually did offer us pretty unlimited funds for this operation. Think it's time to cash in already?"
"Now you're speaking my language," the conscience laughed as she pulled out her PDA and quickly sent an already-prepared request for tactical gear. "Okay, Boo, when the gear gets here, you're going to go after Ed…I don't want to know what that guy wants with the robot and it's probably a good idea to keep tabs on him anyway."

Seraphim looked down from their post on top of a nearby apartment building. Standing still was starting to get to her. She knew that Piro, in tune to what was happening, though only subconsciously, would somehow meet up with Kimiko.

Piro had been wishing for the voice actress to grace his life again since the shift, though he didn't know it except through his increased loneliness. Kimiko would likely have similar feelings, according to the TSP report. The heart was simply unable to be fooled, even by the best scientific achievements. It was surprising that Largo's feelings for Erika had not surfaced in any measurable fashion yet.

Sera's musings were cut short by a flash above her. Soon enough, the quiet night enjoyed by the rooftop was cut short by a miniature jet with the CEA logo on the sides landing halfway across the roof. Seraphim's hair and Boo's fur were blown back by the force of the wind. The engines died and the sleek, if small, aircraft's cockpit opened and two helmeted pilots jumped out, landing gracefully on the rooftop.

One of the pilots walked over to the rear of the jet and hit a small button. Half a dozen panels along the sides of the aircraft whooshed open to reveal the tactical gear. Seraphim's eyes opened wide. There was about everything a CEA operative could wish for in the field. Jetpacks, grappling guns, real guns, ammo, personal cloaking devices, trackers, communication devices…

There was only one issue…

The other pilot walked over to Seraphim and removed his helmet, revealing a somewhat handsome face.

"Agent Seraphim, your request has been granted."
"Thank you, but why are there…"
"Three of every item? Oh, the agency, being its bureaucratic self, elected to make this a joint operation."
"Joint operation…with whom?"

A familiar voice answered the question for Seraphim. "Hey, babe. Long time no see."
"Asmodeus. Who let you out of your cage?"
"Don't act so huffy. The CEA knows you're soft with Piro, so they let a capable guy along for the ride to make sure you don't let him get in touch with that hot little waitress in the 'name of Love' or any of that crap you stand for."
"But…why would you work with the CEA?"
"Money talks, sexy. Plus, I don't want to see the world end or whatever before I take your breath away."
Seraphim scowled, "You'd better set your sights a bit lower…like not dying a virgin."
Asmodeus, shocked, forgot to defend himself and instead answered with a revealing, "How'd you know!?"
"It's obvious," Seraphim smirked, "always was, always is."

The pilot put his helmet back on saying, "I see you two need no introductions." He walked back over to the jet and removed the rest of the materials Asmodeus had left in place.

"Good luck, you two."
A glare was all the pilot got from Sera as he took off.
Asmodeus stood shocked for another second before Sera snapped in his face, saying, "Since you're here, you might as well help out. We have a situation."
"So, babe," Asmodeus said, already back to normal, "what's the plan?"
"Boo's was going to follow a threat back to his headquarters to make sure he doesn't do anything funny, but I think you're perfect for that job. He's heading to SCEI headquarters, so you'll need to head him off there."
"Hold on, babe," Asmo held up his hand. "I don't know anything about anyone from Sony since they bought out Hell from my agency. You or the fuzzy guy needs to go after him…plus, I'm under orders to not let you alone with Piro."
"I'm just telling you my orders. Take it up with your boss."
"Fine! I'll follow the Sony guy. I just want to get away from you!"

She made a violent jesture. "But if you let Piro do anything against code, or put this mission at risk; it's your head that's gonna roll."
"When have I ever let you down, babe?"
"Too easy," Sera laughed as she grabbed a set of materials and suited up over her jeans and blouse.

She started up the jetpack, but before she took off, she looked at Asmodeus and sighed. "I really hope I'm wrong about this," she thought, "but this isn't the best way to start an operation."

She started the engine and zoomed off in the direction of SCEI.

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